What’s Up With UFO’s?


As a paranormal investigator I am occasionally asked if I believe in UFOs, although my specific field of research is in life after death survival, I am however still an investigator of strange phenomena. I do believe there is something going on; be it aliens, beings from another dimension or humans coming back from our future to correct another scientific mess, I am unsure. What I do know is history rarely lies so as an investigator that is where I look for truth. After I was asked this question I took one event out of history to examine, that incident was the reported crash of an alien space craft in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. I skimmed over the testimony of many people who all say they saw things, heard things and examined artifacts that couldn’t be explained. I was extremely curious about Major Jesse Marcel who was the 509 bomb groups intelligence officer for the only air base in the world which held nuclear weapons and was the stand in to fly The Enola Gay, the B-29 Super fortress bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb, code-named “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August 1945, you would think a man with his credentials would know about top secret equipment and should be able to tell a weather balloon from a spaceship. However I allowed the skeptics a reprieve for a moment and agreed that yes over time people forget, they remember things incorrectly. That doesn’t explain the Major’s testimony in the news paper the day after the event. However in all fairness I agreed the argument could go either way. That is why I look to history, somewhere in history there is information that will either back up this testimony or it will not.

What I found in my research makes me believe something very significant occurred in Roswell on July 8 1947.

Some will argue that the world was now in a cold war and that things were heating up, however lets look at what was going on in history at the time of the UFO crash on July 8, 1947.

The subsequent Nuremburg trials were still ongoing and would not end until August 20, 1947. The major problems in Berlin had not occurred yet and would not come completely to light until the Berlin Blockade June 24, 1948, NATO was not formed until 1949 and the Warsaw Pact was not formed until 1955.

Although the OSS served the US intelligence community well throughout the second world war, it was disbanded in October 1945, the U.S. government felt there was no longer a need for them. And even though the Army Air Force served exceptionally well during WW2 it too was about to change.

Eighteen days after the Roswell crash President Truman brought the National Security Act into power on July 26, 1947, something that wasn’t needed throughout the war. The Air Force was segregated from the Army and became its own entity by September 18, 1947, also born on Sept 18th was the National Security Council and the CIA. All this took place within six weeks of the crash. Coincidence? Not if you go back and look again at what Major Marcel and other witnesses had to say in the days after the crash. Remember Major Marcel’s job at the 509 was that of an Intelligence officer, the fact that he worked on the only base in the world that held nuclear weapons suggests that he would have access to projects that were used to monitor other countries such as the USSR for atomic detonations, which means he would have been familiar with high altitude balloons used in Project Mogal. Lets face it, your intelligence team isn’t there to monitor how much toilet paper the base uses. The fact that his commanding officer and the Commander of the Army Air base; Colonel William H. Blanchard relied on Marcel’s intellect and ability motivating him to contacted his boss General Roger M. Ramey escalating the event. Anyone who understands how the military works will know that a Colonel will not commit themselves to such situations without first inspecting evidence and truly believing what their intelligence officer had just reported, it would have been a serious career move. To say both a Colonel in charge and his intelligence officer could not tell the difference between debris from a weather balloon and crashed space ship is either absurd or the best evidence that no one should ever have weapons of mass destruction.      

I have to say I believe.