There Be Monsters

The continuing investigations of Meeting Place of the Dead led me to believe the power of the mind can create monsters.

Your child has an imaginary friend during the day, someone they have created from their vivid imagination, someone that they can play with and share secrets with, it’s just make believe right?

But then something changes, they don’t want to sleep in their bedroom anymore, they explain the monsters are under the bed and in the closet, there’s that imagination again. Or could something else be going on?

Memory Matrix

Many years ago I developed a new theory on ghosts that I named the memory matrix, within the memory matrix was a plain of existence for spirits called the memory bubble. This is where spirits dwelled. The bubble was developed by the individual from their personal memories thus building a reality for them to exist which would seem not only real but also physical. These memories could create places, people and events from that person’s life long memories, making their existence in the afterlife seem so real that they have no recollection of dying.

Within the memory matrix emotion plays an enormous roll. Emotion to a problem or event may cause a spirit to manifest into our reality; this manifestation could be of sight, sound, odour or apparition. Click here to read the entire theory.

Case study 1 – Milton, Ontario. Children come to an old house now turned into museum to see what life was like in the 1840s. Female spirit sees child who resembles her grandchild and the emotion causes her to manifest.

Case study 2 – Toronto, Ontario. The spirit of a child hears an old Christmas song (3 days prior to Christmas) and is so moved by the song that she begins singing along, her voice manifesting into our reality.

The power of the mind is not only fascinating but its complete ability is virtually unknown.

Can a Childs Ghost’s Imagination cause us to see their Monsters?

We had been having trouble at one of our current investigations, with things that should only exist in our nightmares, odd creatures, things trying to look like children. That is when my brother Paul captured this amazing photograph.

Photo of Peter, Richard, James and Victoria in the Farm Loft
Peter, Richard, James, Victoria
Photo by Paul Palmisano

Click on Photo to enlarge

Photo Analysis

Looking at this photo of the team in the loft surrounded by a fog that was not apparent at the time of the photo, we see, Victoria sitting in the open hatch to the loft, James in the foreground, Peter to the far left and me in the background beyond James, Paul took the photo from the far end of the loft. While analysing the photo we found several strange shapes within the fog that all seem to be centred on each investigator. For example behind Peter looks to be an orb without any distinctive features, however it seems to have shoulders, Behind James is a strange looking female with a strange jaw line and very predominant pointed ear, her hand on James’ shoulder she is looking over his shoulder to see what he is looking at on his camera LCD display. Beside Victoria is a monstrous figure with a hand on her shoulder crouched down beside her, mouth open looking directly at her. Next to me is a strange looking male figure. In the far right of the photo is the image of a young boy between 6 and 7 years old looking at everything taking place. It was my wife Michelle who commented on some of the images saying, “It’s like where the Wild Things Are” Which led me to start theorizing what this photo might represent.

Is this a spirit of a child or could it something darker? Whatever it may be it seems to have the ability to project other entities out into our environment. If this is a spirit of a child it might make sense that he is so frightened by our activity that his young mind is drawing from his memory and his imagination has created these odd creatures from books and stories from his childhood, what may only be his imaginary friends, and because of the emotion of fear within this small child spirit could propel them to manifest on the very fringe of our reality?

Something to think about the next time you hear scratching noises under your bed, for if you have a ghost lurking about your home then quiet possibly you may also have monsters in your closet.

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