The Final Word, Ghosts Don’t Exist?

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The final word, Ghosts don’t exist?

This according to an article by Ross Pomeroy of Real Clear Science from February 6, 2017

Physicist Brian Cox, an Advanced Fellow of particle physics at the University of Manchester stated that ghosts do not exist. This was his conclusion after working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

Cox is quoted as saying:

“I would say if there’s some kind of substance that’s driving our bodies, making my arms move and legs move, then it must interact with the particles out of which our bodies are made. And seeing as we’ve made high precision measurements of the ways that particles interact, then my assertion is there can be no such thing as an energy source that’s driving our bodies.”

Read the full article on the Real Clear Science website:

In essence, ghosts can not exist

What a relief, after 40 years of study and investigation into life after death the revelation that ghosts don’t exist allows me to move on, maybe taking up ballroom dancing or possibly axe throwing… NOT.

Hold on, when you have been researching the paranormal for as long as I have you tend to see these claims every so often. Normally it’s a college or University academic looking for funding or some attention, or a narcissist who just likes to hear themselves talk, or in this case this scientist who is most likely linked to a group of scientists who believe there is nothing new out there and everything has already been discovered, they just know everything there is to know.

According to the article ghosts can’t exist because they can not detect energy that would account for them. Hmmm, they can’t detect dark matter either but its okay to believe that exists. No, ghosts aren’t real, we have to just dismiss the 1.2 billion (give or take) encounters with the spirit world globally over the last 150 years. But if you want to have fun ask him to explain how the brain works and human consciousness, or my favorite explain love, I can hear the gears grinding to a stop now.

These are the same guys who have been pushing the big bang theory for decades, and now they believe that could have never happened because there are simply too many oxygen molecules in the universe for a big bang to have occurred, go figure.  

Some of the other nay sayers:

Canadian neuroscientist Michael Persinger believes electromagnetic fields found in electrical panels, cell phones and television sets cause people to experience ghosts. It is true that high electromagnetic fields can cause people to feel stressed, tired, have headaches or even nervousness, but ghosts? What about Pliny the Younger (61 – c. 113), he was a lawyer, author, and magistrate of Ancient Rome. He wrote a letter regarding a haunted house in Athens, which in ancient literature ghosts were quite popular, the thing that was missing was any form of man made electromagnetic fields, just didn’t have them 2000 years ago.

Engineer Vic Tandy came to the conclusion that Infrasound caused people to see and hear ghosts, he felt that low frequency vibrations caused a whole host of symptoms such as discomfort, changes in heart rate and blood pressure and even panic, which are all true. Infrasound can even cause chills and uneasy feelings. Vic was so close to understanding the environment in which a spirit must create to communicate and manifest in, but as an engineer he chose to look the other way and push his findings to use infrasound as a reason why ghosts don’t exist. The big problem with the ghost portion of his theory is, not only do people experience ghosts in this environment but audio and video equipment also detect and capture ghostly activity as well, so unless there is a new theory on how infrasound could cause not only people but recording equipment to both hallucinate the same experience at the same time then it has to be something else occurring.

Shane Rogers, an engineering professor at Clarkson University feels that mold is the cause of ghosts, as mold can cause hallucinations, irrational fear and dementia. Reports that he has watched a lot of ghost hunting shows and wonders if there is a connection between ghosts and mold. So far, the data he has collected is negative and says it is hard to say if mold is a contributing factor, but he is sure that mold could be found in haunted locations. Sounds like he needs grant money.

Back in 1921 a Doctor Wilmer published a article in American Journal of Ophthalmology explaining that Carbon Monoxide Poisoning caused ghosts and hauntings. It is true not only is Carbon Monoxide Poisoning extremely dangerous it can cause a large number of problems including hallucinations. So, does this mean that every person who is having a paranormal experience is suffering from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning? And what about investigations in locations that have no operating furnace, or no furnace at all?

I called NASA to get there take on the subject, they too were sure there are no ghosts, if anything its most likely people are simply seeing a weather balloon. Okay I made that part up, just thought I would toss it in for my UFO enthusiast friends.

In Conclusion

I find it remarkable that so many people who have little interest or belief in the paranormal spend so much time and resources in disproving its existence. Wouldn’t it be great if some philanthropist or corporation would provide some funding to help make advancements into one of the greatest mysteries of humankind possible?

Well I guess I’ll stay the course and keep investigating life after death, I don’t think I would be very good and ball room dancing anyways.