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  • The Final Word, Ghosts Don’t Exist?

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    The final word, Ghosts don’t exist?

    This according to an article by Ross Pomeroy of Real Clear Science from February 6, 2017

    Physicist Brian Cox, an Advanced Fellow of particle physics at the University of Manchester stated that ghosts do not exist. This was his conclusion after working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

    Cox is quoted as saying:

    “I would say if there’s some kind of substance that’s driving our bodies, making my arms move and legs move, then it must interact with the particles out of which our bodies are made. And seeing as we’ve made high precision measurements of the ways that particles interact, then my assertion is there can be no such thing as an energy source that’s driving our bodies.”

    Read the full article on the Real Clear Science website: http://www.realclearscience.com

    In essence, ghosts can not exist

    What a relief, after 40 years of study and investigation into life after death the revelation that ghosts don’t exist allows me to move on, maybe taking up ballroom dancing or possibly axe throwing… NOT.

    Hold on, when you have been researching the paranormal for as long as I have you tend to see these claims every so often. Normally it’s a college or University academic looking for funding or some attention, or a narcissist who just likes to hear themselves talk, or in this case this scientist who is most likely linked to a group of scientists who believe there is nothing new out there and everything has already been discovered, they just know everything there is to know.

    According to the article ghosts can’t exist because they can not detect energy that would account for them. Hmmm, they can’t detect dark matter either but its okay to believe that exists. No, ghosts aren’t real, we have to just dismiss the 1.2 billion (give or take) encounters with the spirit world globally over the last 150 years. But if you want to have fun ask him to explain how the brain works and human consciousness, or my favorite explain love, I can hear the gears grinding to a stop now.

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  • Ghost Activity Caught on Surveillance

    Ghost Activity Caught on Surveillance

    The above video shows ghost activity caught on surveillance by Paul Palmisano while investigating a haunted location in Toronto.  This reoccurring light phenomena moves down the wall opening and closing “windows” to the other side.

  • A Brief History on EVP’s

    A Brief History on EVP’s

    Blue Frequency lines


    Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP is the supposed recordings of the dead, voices that are not heard by the naked ear at the time of recording.

    Thomas Edison 1920

    Black and White photo of Thomas EdisonScientist and inventor, Thomas Edison, worked on a project to build a device to communicate with the dead. In an interview with Scientific American, October 1920, Edison stated, “If our personality survives, then it is strictly logical or scientific to assume that it retains memory, intellect, other faculties, and knowledge that we acquire on this Earth. Therefore … if we can evolve an instrument so delicate as to be affected by our personality as it survives in the next life, such an instrument, when made available, ought to record something”.

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  • Scientists vs Paranormal Researchers

    Scientists vs paranormal researchers why are they at odds with each other?

    silhouettes of faces exchanging ideasAt times I pause and wonder what all the bickering is between paranormal researchers and the scientific community when it comes to the study of survival of the soul and life after death. As a paranormal investigator with more than 35 years of field work I have seen a lot of this arguing and posturing take place, which is okay, at least people are talking. It is when personal objectives come into play that the waters of research become muddied and this allows people to push personal agendas with little regard for the subject. It leaves room for people to fudge the data and place personal gain ahead of everything else and this is what causes the most damage. Everyone has seen some paranormal researchers lie and bring forward false information as evidence in hopes of becoming famous or to make some money. Even science and academia will occasionally toss out junk, making wild claims of finding the perfect answer to ghosts, usually for grant money to keep them employed.

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  • There Be Monsters

    The continuing investigations of Meeting Place of the Dead led me to believe the power of the mind can create monsters.

    Your child has an imaginary friend during the day, someone they have created from their vivid imagination, someone that they can play with and share secrets with, it’s just make believe right?

    But then something changes, they don’t want to sleep in their bedroom anymore, they explain the monsters are under the bed and in the closet, there’s that imagination again. Or could something else be going on?

    Memory Matrix

    Many years ago I developed a new theory on ghosts that I named the memory matrix, within the memory matrix was a plain of existence for spirits called the memory bubble. This is where spirits dwelled. The bubble was developed by the individual from their personal memories thus building a reality for them to exist which would seem not only real but also physical. These memories could create places, people and events from that person’s life long memories, making their existence in the afterlife seem so real that they have no recollection of dying.

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  • Clearing a Haunted House

    The problems with clearing a haunted house

    black and white picture of a spirit cloaked in white material standing over a man who is seated at a tableThere are two major problems when it comes to investigators and/or mediums who tell you they are going to clear your home or business of ghosts.

    The first problem is they don’t seem to understand the dynamics of a haunting. The majority of haunted locations rarely have one spirit, but rather many. These many spirits, some good, some bad, maintain a balance. The balance can be slightly off thus the reason the owner has called in a paranormal group or medium in the first place. Imagine you are out for the evening and your teenagers are having a party which is getting out of control. You come home, walk in, shut the music off and demand everyone leaves. The first to head for the door are the polite respectful ones who don’t want any trouble. Then the ones who couldn’t care either way depart. You are relieved, except you didn’t notice that really bad one hiding in the shadows brooding. The team or medium tells you job well done and they go home. Now the real trouble is about to begin, the balance is gone and this leftover bad guy has nothing to stand in his way. Your house is now his playground. Good luck trying to get some good spirits to return, it is not going to happen.

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  • Christmas Spirit

    Richard, Peter, Paul, James and Victoria with Christmas Hats posing on staircase
    Happy Holidays from The Searcher Group

    The Christmas Spirit

    As the holidays arrive we may experience an increase in ghostly activity.

     I remember when I was younger living with my parents, their house was haunted. It was Christmas Eve and my brother and his family had come from out west to visit for the holidays. It was late and I was in my room preparing for bed when I heard someone walking up the basement stairs to the kitchen. I had been the last one on the main floor and knew no one was downstairs. I moved to my bedroom door and listened intently to whatever it was now walking up and down the main hall from the kitchen to the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor. The walking stopped in the kitchen and then came a sound of a spoon in a coffee mug as if someone were stirring a drink. A smile crossed my face as I heard my niece in the next room who was four at the time say “Mom, I hear Santa down stairs.”  The sounds stopped and all was peaceful for the rest on the night.

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  • Interview with the Sault Ste. Marie Paranormal Research Group

    Banner for Sault Ste Marie Paranormal Research Group

    Investigating Under Opposition: 

    One of the first facets people discover when they are introduced to the work of The Searcher Group is our stellar reputation regarding the issue of trustworthiness. For over three decades, we have assured and made good on our promises to clients from safety procedures to anonymity concerns.

    Most groups with a professional mindset share this approach to their work and those are the teams TSG wishes to associate with, especially since there may come a time when we’ll need to confidently refer a client to that other team for reasons of logistics (ie. when TSG is too far to be able to aid a client calling for help).

    In our ongoing efforts to establish credibility to ourselves, the work that we do and the field we are exploring and researching, we prefer to share our real names and images in a gesture of openness, honesty and that all-important trust. As such, TSG does not endorse or associate with groups that opt to hide behind anonymous hashtags or e-mail handles. After all, if you had a problem and decided to call in a paranormal investigations team, would you contact a faceless stranger at dust.bunny67@hotmail.com to handle your personal woes?

    That being said, how does a team of earnest, hard-working and multi-talented investigators even manage to exist when they’re based in the centre of an entire community populated by a majority who vehemently deny and outright oppose anything remotely associated with the paranormal? Well, as you may guess, in order for them to do their work, their members must remain anonymous.

    Introducing the Sault Ste. Marie Paranormal Research Group (SSMPRG), a team of female investigator/researchers established in 2006. The backgrounds of its current membership range from knowledge of quantum physics and Wiccan/Occult symbols to real estate, pharmaceuticals and police services. You will not find surnames or photos of the SSMPRG online, due to the dense Catholic and Aboriginal populous surrounding them; to avoid persecution and keep their day jobs, this is an unfortunate but necessary policy they uphold. 

    Still, the collective skills the team applies to those occasional cases (when a member of the community genuinely requires answers) intrigued me enough that we conducted an interview for our and your reading pleasure. Continue reading  Post ID 2253

  • Even the friendliest ghost could turn out to be a nightmare…

    One of the eeriest stories to come out of the investigations at the Canadian National Exhibition started off like most, as a mystery. We were working in the second floor archives when our audio surveillance kept recording strange and unusual sounds along with EVPs of a male.

    The male would call someone named Dan or Danny always giving him instructions on what to do. This social interaction seemed at first one sided. The instructions were always clear and on the most part friendly but then there were times where the person giving the instructions seemed angry or even frustrated.

    He would call for Danny and tell him, “Go see where they are”. Or to be quiet and to get back. Sometimes he would just yell “Danny”. Over and over again.

    It was Paul who noticed the odd sounds, which seemed to interplay each time this person called for Danny. Like the ringing of bells, a horn, a whistle or the sounds of a baby rattle. Paul made it his mission to figure out the mystery of Danny.

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  • Ghosts

    Ghosts book cover, black background picture of two faces with elongated mouths and title Ghosts above themGhosts is based on a three-year investigation by The Searcher Group. It is the frightening account of a multiple haunting of a once grand Mississauga mansion on the shores of Lake Ontario.  This beautiful estate looks like a dream come true during the day, however when night falls you can sense that dream turning into a nightmare

    Join The Searcher Group in their investigation of the property, read accounts of experiment and surveillance results that were obtained and read their encounters with the spirits and the interactions they had with the spirits of mansion.

    To order Ghosts visit amazon.ca by clicking here.

  • Dynamics of a Haunting

    Understanding all the various dynamics of a haunting – call for help

    When a family unit begins to experience strange occurrences in their residence various family members may in the onset keep those occurrences quiet for fear of sounding crazy. Several members may be experiencing happenings yet there may be no communications until

    1. It becomes out of control and or extremely frightening or

    2. Two members experience something together which opens up a dialog.

     In about 85% of hauntings in a residence the female is first to notice these strange events, this can cause stress and extreme frustration within the family unit as the male may not completely believe what the female is saying having not had an experience himself. This in some cases may be the ploy…divide and conquer.

    dog looking down staircase In 100% of all cases where pets are involved in the home, the pet will be fully aware of the presence within the residence and may display changes in its behavior such as; looking at seemingly empty spaces, watching something you can’t see, growling, barking for no apparent reason nervousness and changes in eating habits.

     Where a presence may be malevolent the pet will become the first target, then the female in most cases.

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  • Lost – The Family Secret

     Irish Pub – Mississauga

    Paul and I were to meet up with Joe, the business manager, to discuss the investigation and to have a look around.  We arrived and checked the main floor.  The building had been a large private home in the 1850’s, after which it was converted into a business; it is now being used as a pub.  It consists of a large bar area, dining area and kitchen upstairs, bathrooms, office and storage down in the basement.  We met up with Joe.  Joe took us downstairs; next to the washrooms he told us how the workers and patrons reported extreme cold spots there and uneasy feelings.  Next to the phone in that area was a small closet.  When Joe opened it a high quantity of positively charged ions were detected briefly.  We moved on to a secret room, which was 15 degrees colder than the rest of the basement. Joe stopped to tell us about some of the incidents and I couldn’t help but notice a chalkboard near the washroom.  Written on the board was, “Shhh, please do not disturb our resident ghost, Minerva!”  Joe said that a patron who claimed to be psychic told him that the ghost’s name was Minerva.

    We followed Joe up to the main floor where he told us that glasses and ashtrays would fly off the bar.  People would report their hair being pulled or touched and complain of feeling cold.  He then told us that he had been scratched on the back of his neck in one encounter. In another encounter, an employee was going out the back door off of the kitchen, to have a smoke outside, when they saw a female standing there looking at them.  He had to take us to show us because it was difficult to describe.  When I saw it I understood.  The outer door was the solid wood door, which opened out to the deck.  The inner door was actually the screen door, which opened into the kitchen.  When the screen door was open, it was against the kitchen wall.  When the employee saw the spirit she was between the wall and the screen door, which was fully open.  The space between this door and wall is less than three inches.  The incident was brief.  Another situation involved a different employee, who was fearful of changing in the locker rooms because of feelings of being watched and uneasiness.  He had decided to change into his work clothes in the hall outside the locker room.  It was on this occasion that he witnessed a transparent apparition of a girl walking down the hall towards him.  As she neared him she disappeared through a solid door into a storage area.

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  • The House of Secrets

    The House Of Secrets – Bloor & Dufferin


    It was a two-storey semi-detached home, built around 1898 in the Bloor and Dufferin area of the city.  It was rumoured that a small-time bank robber had owned the home in the 1920’s and upon his arrest none of the money was ever recovered.  People in the community speculated that the money was hidden somewhere in the house.  Although there were several historical searches we could not substantiate this claim.  However, starting in the mid thirties, right up to the mid 1960’s, there were constant break and enters at this house, nothing was ever taken.  The break and enters have been confirmed as fact.

    The owner was an elderly lady who had become ill.  She was, at the time, living alone in the house and her nephew would drop by on a regular basis to help her and do her shopping for her.  She was brought to stay with family until she was feeling better.

    The house was old and becoming run down and it was decided that it was the perfect time to do some renovation work.  All of her nephews (4) felt that they could do most of the work, however some of the more difficult jobs, such as plumbing and electrical would be left to the professionals, so contractors were hired for these jobs.

    The contractors arrived and were met and let in by one of the boys.  They quickly went to work on the upstairs bathroom.  One of the jobs required them to run a new drainpipe from the upper floor to the basement.  As they worked, alone in the house, they started to notice odd sounds, which put the workers on edge.  When one had to go into the basement and the other had to remain on the upper floor it was the last straw for them, as their tools kept moving, doors kept closing, things started moving around and the sounds grew louder.  The workers abandoned the job and fled the house.

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  • Evidence

    Investigating the CNE Archives
    Investigating the Archives

    “Information is, for the most part, a piece of a much larger puzzle. Each piece waits for another to reinforce what the first piece has suggested. When this occurs, they call it proof.”

    Richard Palmisano


    It has always amazed me what we determine to be evidence, depending on the topic. If we are talking about criminal activity, then electronic evidence such as security monitoring devices, which indicate an action occurring in a specific place, as well as surveillance systems, that show us what occurred in that location can provide a strong case. Couple this information with witness testimony and the evidence may end in a criminal conviction, even with the absence of DNA samples. However, we may have all of these same elements in a similar instance and yet because the topic is the paranormal, the evidence is automatically dismissed.


    Some of the places that The Searcher Group have investigated include:  The Canadian National Exhibition, Alma College, Bell Gardiner Estate, Scadding Cabin & Guild Inn.