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  • Mold causes Ghosts?

    Is it a Ghost? Or just Mold?

    Photo of a black cat on a table in front of a large arched window in an old decaying house -


    The further frustrations of a paranormal investigator…

    Well here we go again. I read with bemusement an article published on April 02, by Levi Winchester regarding researchers found haunted houses were linked to hallucinogenic mold. The story would have been more befitting to have been published April 1.

    Mold causes Ghosts? The researchers equated old buildings, ghostly apparitions and hauntings to toxic mold hidden in floor and walls.

    This article takes me back to Michael Persinger’s “God Helmet” stating in his research that ghostly apparitions were explained by weak electromagnetic fields

    Or Vic Tandy who found that ghosts were nothing more than extremely low frequencies or infrasound causing us to perceive ghosts in our mind.

    Apparently there is no end to the money and resources available for those who wish to investigate that ghosts or spirits do not exist.

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 11 – Residual Haunting

    Paranormal Physics

    Residual haunting

    Photo of antique hand held mirror and pearl necklace

    The guy on TV that goes around solving people’s haunting experiences has me rolling on the floor laughing.  First of all, what is the likelihood that every episode results in him being able to add something to his collection AND solving his client’s issues?

    I have yet to find a physics answer to residual hauntings.  I “could” be made to believe that an object holds special meaning to a soul that moved on.

    If we follow this through, while there is an intersection between universes, the person or spirit could indeed be active, influenced by the fact that the item that holds special meaning.  However, for this type of haunting to persist/exist, the intersection would have to follow the object.  I do not see an intersection existing simple because an object exists.  I find that a physical relationship between an object and an intersection to be unsupported.

    I welcome rebuttal over this point. Please feel free to use the comments to do so.  

  • Paranormal Physics – Part 10 – Seances

    Paranormal Physics

    black and white photo of gate entrance

    Sèances? Sure. Why not?

    We mentioned in an earlier post that clairvoyants and mediums are individuals with sensitivity to the influences of other universes. If such a person were to hold a séance they are quite likely to be able to relate to us information from the “beyond”.

    I have to admit there are more folks out there claiming to be able to communicate as such than there are those that are truly able to. But I am confident that, no matter what the ratio, that the legitimate ones do exist.

    Since we have determined that loved ones (indeed the spirit of any passing individual) can move on to another universe close in frequency to our own, there is no reason our talented clairvoyants and mediums cannot communicate with them. However, it would be dependent on which frequencies that they are sensitive to.


  • Paranormal Physics – Part 9 – Deja Vu

    Paranormal Physics

    Deja Vu

    “I feel like I have been here before.”

    Graphic of Person in front of a house with a thought bubble containing a graphic of them standing in front of the same houseYes, de ja vu.  The feeling that you are experiencing something you have experienced previously.

    I happen to think it is a 2-way street.  You may also experience something that you will again experience in the future.  This can occur when your intersection actually breaks into our very same universe at a different time, but also passes through another.

    Since the time-space factor of different universes is NOT in sync with our own, you could be feeling something from the past, or the future.  This again comes from the intersection of universes.  The intersection is typically occurring within your own personal space.  I say “personal space” because it can be happening immediately around you and therefore encompassing your body as well.  This accounts for the strange feeling the often accompanies your de je vu experience.

    And these experiences can be quite strange indeed.  Perhaps you experience something that under any normal conditions would seem impossible or irrational.  I think this would be you experiencing a different universe that follows different rules.  Time perception is different.  Speed of light is different.  People (or whatever beings are present) are much larger, or much smaller, than we know.

  • Paranormal Physics – Part 8 – Reincarnation

    Paranormal Physics


    The paranormal extends to many things.  Ghosts, possession, de je vu, UFOs.  How about reincarnation?

    The other day I was watching Weird or What with William Shatner.  The episode explored the life of Jeffrey Keene, who believes he is the reincarnation of civil war general John B. Gordon.  In this link I provide (http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation07.html) you can see he does indeed bare the resemblance of the General.  He recounts experiences in his life that seem to be identical (or nearly so) to those of the General.

    Assuming that his accounts are true, how can my theories explain this apparent reincarnation?

    Reincarnation is related to the life-after-death portion of the paranormal.  So to explain reincarnation means exploring the life-after-death phenomenon.

    We have learned that everything is energy.  That is every molecule, every atom, right down to the basic particles.  We know that energy cannot be destroyed, merely converted. We have also explored the realistic possibility of the existence of multiple universes.

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 7 – Multi-Verse Theory

    Paranormal Physics

    Multi-Verse Theory

    The more events I think about, the more I see that can, in some way, be explained with the multi-verse theory.

    I would like to explore the short, brief, tiny intersection events that generally do not occur on a regular cycle.

    We’ve all heard, or said, “somebody just walked on my grave” when they get a chill feeling.  How about a feeling of a sense of a presence?  Or the appearance of an apparition at the end of a bed, in the hallway, or any other spot.  Then there is seeing something out of the corner of your eye.

    I think there are many ways to experience an intersection of universes.  They could be very small, very short occurrences.  Simply put, these events can just be the result of small, slight, brief intersections.  An intersection could be any size, last any duration, occur anywhere and be just a single occurrence (they don’t all have to be on a cycle).  A “one off” event if you will.

    These intersections could also occur inside our bodies, causing any number of phenomena.  They could cause cancer in otherwise healthy individuals.  Perhaps they could cause somebody to lose all grasp on reality.  The intersection could give us a chill, a headache, or some other strange feeling.

    But when they occur nearby, we could get a glimpse into another universe.  We could perhaps interact in some way with that other universe.  For instance, a “violent ghost” could be somebody in the other universe that is afraid of the “ghost” they are seeing, just as  you are seeing them.

  • Paranormal Physics – Part 6

    Paranormal Physics

    graphic of 2 planets and starsIn part 5, I mention about the possibility of an intersection between 2 universes (ours and some other).  And that some intersections may have rhythm.  That is, expand and contract on a steady cycle.

    I also alluded to some unexplained jumps in our evolution and technologies.

    I read some books of the Earth Chronicles series, and in Book 8 – Devine Encounters the author mentions how he thinks there is another planet on a 3600 year orbit around the Sun.  And when this planet is close enough, the advance folks living on it come visit us, inter-breed with us, do things like build pyramids and stuff.  And these are the gods of history.

    I can believe that there have been visitations as he believes.  And that has a whole lot of implications for religion and how we see the past and ourselves.

    However, I can’t currently accept the extra planet theory.  The orbit is too big and takes too long.  It would pretty much have to be a cold rock, or maybe an ice planet.  Not enough light and heat from the sun to keep life going (as we know it).  And these visitors were, after all, human (but a bit bigger, and that’s another story).

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 2

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 2

    I struggled for a little while to figure out what would be the best place to start.  One of my criteria was that I cannot assume that every reader is already familiar with any given discussion.  But we really don’t need to start with the very beginning of basic physics.

    So, I decided we should start our journey with some basic information and concepts to enable the reader to visualize the reality around us.  We creatures perceive our three dimensional surroundings relatively well, but stumble when it comes to higher dimensional reality.  Thus we will attempt to give ourselves a mental picture that can help us grab the concept, even if that picture is not an actual replica of what is going on.

    So without further delay, let’s dig in.

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 1

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 1

    Welcome.  My name is John.  I joined the Search Group a few years back, in a technical support capacity.  My interest in the paranormal is that of a cautious skeptic.  And while I know there can be some everyday explanations for some occurrences, I have come to believe that there are also truly unusual events that defy normal explanation and yet can be supported by physics theories.

    My Searcher Group blog contributions aim to give credence to paranormal events and experiences through current day physics theories.

    There is slight risk that some folks would rather keep the mystery surrounding paranormal activity.  Almost like proving the physical existence of God may mess with one’s faith by seemingly reducing these things to a human, understandable explanation.  Some people may not like to hear it.  But it should be considered as evidence that what they believe in is real.

    Okay, so I am not a theoretical physicist.  I’m not even sure I can be considered an “enthusiast”.  But I do search out and read what I can in the quest for answers that work for me, and hopefully for you.

    I will do my best to provide graphics, links to videos and anything else that will help envision what I describe and, as we get further along, link it to some typical paranormal events in which these physics theories can offer at least one explanation.

    Most folks are familiar with the 3 dimensional world.  And I’m pretty certain they are also familiar with the 4th dimension.  The dimension known as time.

    But there is much more to the universe than a mere 4 dimensions.  Hopefully we can explore these things together, and I promise to keep it in as plain language as I can (I don’t think I can manage the technical jargon myself anyway!).