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    Is it a Ghost? Or just Mold?

    Photo of a black cat on a table in front of a large arched window in an old decaying house -


    The further frustrations of a paranormal investigator…

    Well here we go again. I read with bemusement an article published on April 02, by Levi Winchester regarding researchers found haunted houses were linked to hallucinogenic mold. The story would have been more befitting to have been published April 1.

    Mold causes Ghosts? The researchers equated old buildings, ghostly apparitions and hauntings to toxic mold hidden in floor and walls.

    This article takes me back to Michael Persinger’s “God Helmet” stating in his research that ghostly apparitions were explained by weak electromagnetic fields

    Or Vic Tandy who found that ghosts were nothing more than extremely low frequencies or infrasound causing us to perceive ghosts in our mind.

    Apparently there is no end to the money and resources available for those who wish to investigate that ghosts or spirits do not exist.

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