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  • Photos – Military Cemetery/Scadding Cabin/CNE

    Richard and Michelle at the tombstones
    Richard and Michelle checking the tombstones


    Another fascinating place is the old Military Cemetery across from the CNE grounds. We speculate that this site is so haunted because of a great injustice. A major battlefield in 1813 where many died defending the town of York and yet never recognized as a resting place for many fallen soldiers. In 1864 an official grave yard was established where a marker was installed, there is no mention of those who died previously on these grounds.




    Mist passing tombstones at cemetery
    Tombstones at Cemetery
    fog in trees at the cemetery
    Trees at the cemetery


    A strange fog on a clear night briefly passes the row of tombstones. The fog was not seen at the time of the photo.


    Another image not noticed at the time the photo was taken is this glowing mist in the trees which some have speculated as a person walking with a horse.



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  • Photos – CNE

    CNE Princes gates
    CNE Princes Gates


    We were invited by the Manager of Archives and Records to investigate the many ghosts of the CNE grounds. Our investigations turned into a thirteen month adventure taking us through the many buildings situated on the old Garrison commons grounds. A place where one of the bloodiest battles of the 1812 war was fought (1813 the taking of York).



    the team trying to make contact at CNE
    The team trying to make contact


    This is where Paul through the use of EVP discovered a haunting by an old midway clown who was roaming the General Services building. Its a terrifying thought at what something like that would look like.




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