Photos – Memorable Moments

Some of the Teams most Memorable Moments


Alma College
Alma College


The opportunity to walk through Alma College in St. Thomas Ontario. Reputed to have a spirit haunting the staircase. Also the location that appeared in several shots in the movie Silent Hill

Second floor window of Scarborough Guild
Scarborough Guild Window


A photo of the boarded up main house of the Scarborough Guild of All Arts – shows a woman sitting, looking out the second floor window.

We had the great opportunity to work with City Councillor David Saknaky who arranged access to the grand old estate for us, along with two Toronto Star journalists, for an overnight investigation.


Door at The Anchorage
The Anchorage


While working for the Museums of Mississauga on a 10 month investigation of the city owned properties such as Adamsons’ estate, Cawthra House, Benares House, Fusion, Bradley Museum and The Anchorage to name a few, we captured a few interesting shots.

This is one of Mr. & Mrs. Bradley at the back door of the Commander Skinner’s home The Anchorage.


Doorway at the Cawthra house
Cawthra house


A photo of the brother-in-law to Mrs. Cawthra in the upper right window panes. Also the light sconces which appear in the reflect do not exist at the time of the photo but had been removed during renovations years before.



Officers Quarters at Fort George
Fort George – Officers quarters


A photo of a woman captured in the right side window of the officers quarters at Fort George.




Kitchen door
Kitchen door


In this photo an entity is captured entering the back door to what used to be the old servants quarters from my first book “Overshadows”. You can see it better in the insert just right of the large Christmas wreath on the door.



Kitchen with shape at dining room table
Entity in Kitchen


Again in the kitchen, the entity is now closer to the camera, is standing dead centre in the photo and appears to pass through the dining table.




Psychic photo skeletal remains
Psychic photo skeletal remains


This is a psychic photo showing skeletal remains on the floor in the basement of the mansion where it is suspected that the body of a murdered woman is buried.




Side Window of house
Side window
enlarged cropped photo of side window
Side window zoomed


One of the newest photos from a current project, in this photo looking towards the front door of the house there is an entity looking in a side window.


We have turned the photo for a better view.