Photos – Fusion


The Fusion House
Fusion Coach House
The Coach House











Working on the grounds of the Bell Gairdner property known as Fusion was very exhilarating. The City of Mississauga provided The Searcher Group access to the property and building for three years to study the widely witnessed paranormal phenomena brought forth by Corporate Security and Facilities workers.

Second floor window in Fusion stairway
The Second Floor Window


On our very first visit as we stood outside the main house a dark shadow person looked out of the second story widow down at us. The house was secure and the alarm system was armed indicating no one was inside. We entered the house and found the window from which the shadow person had used, a seemingly impossible task as there was no floor to stand upon to gaze from this window.


childs handprint in the dust
Danny’s handprint in the dust




It was during the investigations that led us to discover that not only were there adult spirits within the house but also children, one boy named Danny and one girl named Tonya.



farm house
1856 Farm House


The little girl Tonya led us away from the main estate to another property directly across the road and an old farm house.





Interior of the farm house
Interior of the farm house

This farm was the location in which Tonya lived with her mother who at one time had operated the kitchen.






Paul searching in crawl space in house
Paul searching for evidence of a body below the house

The farm was a completely different situation from Fusion, the spirits at Fusion were in a sense more afraid of us than we were of them. Not so at the farm house where the spirits seemed more territorial and they did a great deal of things to scare us off of the property.