Photos – CNE

CNE Princes gates
CNE Princes Gates


We were invited by the Manager of Archives and Records to investigate the many ghosts of the CNE grounds. Our investigations turned into a thirteen month adventure taking us through the many buildings situated on the old Garrison commons grounds. A place where one of the bloodiest battles of the 1812 war was fought (1813 the taking of York).



the team trying to make contact at CNE
The team trying to make contact


This is where Paul through the use of EVP discovered a haunting by an old midway clown who was roaming the General Services building. Its a terrifying thought at what something like that would look like.




Basement kitchen at Stanley Barracks
Barracks kitchen


One of the most fascinating buildings was the new fort, Stanley Barracks C1841. 

This photo shows a strange glowing mist which briefly appeared in the basement kitchen area.



Jenny's phantom tabby in the upper window frame
Jenny’s phantom tabby in the upper window pane
Jenny's father looking out the window making sure that we were leaving.
Jenny’s father looking out the window

 This building housed many different spirits from the second floor where Jenny a young child loved to follow the team and play tricks, to searching for her cat, to Jenny’s father who didn’t want us around . 

Jenny’s father was looking out the window making sure were were leaving.




Medium with bruise on her back

In the basement we came across two very nasty spirits who were just as nasty in life known as David and Bob, leftovers from when the Barracks was used as emergency housing just after the Second World War. Not only did these two threaten and terrorize the living, but also the other spirits that inhabited the building.

Our medium showing an injury to her back which occured when she was kicked by an unseen force while making contact with another spirit regarding Bob.


Medium with energy (lights) above her head
Medium with energy above head


Medium making contact with a spirit child name Oliver on the upper floor of the Barracks. A great photograph showing what appears to be an energy field rising above her. Skeptics say this was caused by camera shake, however camera shake can not discriminate and would have cause the other features in the photo to blur or ghost, and the exterior light to the left of Peters head would have left a streak as well.