Paranormal Physics – Part 8 – Reincarnation

Paranormal Physics


The paranormal extends to many things.  Ghosts, possession, de je vu, UFOs.  How about reincarnation?

The other day I was watching Weird or What with William Shatner.  The episode explored the life of Jeffrey Keene, who believes he is the reincarnation of civil war general John B. Gordon.  In this link I provide ( you can see he does indeed bare the resemblance of the General.  He recounts experiences in his life that seem to be identical (or nearly so) to those of the General.

Assuming that his accounts are true, how can my theories explain this apparent reincarnation?

Reincarnation is related to the life-after-death portion of the paranormal.  So to explain reincarnation means exploring the life-after-death phenomenon.

We have learned that everything is energy.  That is every molecule, every atom, right down to the basic particles.  We know that energy cannot be destroyed, merely converted. We have also explored the realistic possibility of the existence of multiple universes.

I think that the consciousness (soul) of our being can remain coherent energy upon the body expiring.  That means our soul can exist, either in our local universe, or phased into another.  Near death out-of-body experiences can be the soul attempting to leave the body.  Upon death our soul could move on to another universe (heaven) simply because its phase/frequency changed.  This can account for many phenomena such as seeing loved ones during the near-death experience.  Or those that have “floated” over their own body in the operating room, only to recount the events that occurred in the room.

In part 6, I mention a differing of time scales for different universes.  What we perceive as the passage of time vs. actual passage of time can be different in different universes.  Is it not possible that a soul can pass out of, and back in to our current universe occupying the physical body of a newly developing embryo?  I think so.  Not every soul comes back.  After all, there are so many universe possibilities.  Although I do feel that our universe’s interaction with others occurs with only a few that are close to the frequency of our own.

This closeness in frequency also accounts for why we can often see the ghosts or spirits of loved ones during a paranormal event.  It is likely they are no further than a couple universes away.