Paranormal Physics – Part 6

Paranormal Physics

graphic of 2 planets and starsIn part 5, I mention about the possibility of an intersection between 2 universes (ours and some other).  And that some intersections may have rhythm.  That is, expand and contract on a steady cycle.

I also alluded to some unexplained jumps in our evolution and technologies.

I read some books of the Earth Chronicles series, and in Book 8 – Devine Encounters the author mentions how he thinks there is another planet on a 3600 year orbit around the Sun.  And when this planet is close enough, the advance folks living on it come visit us, inter-breed with us, do things like build pyramids and stuff.  And these are the gods of history.

I can believe that there have been visitations as he believes.  And that has a whole lot of implications for religion and how we see the past and ourselves.

However, I can’t currently accept the extra planet theory.  The orbit is too big and takes too long.  It would pretty much have to be a cold rock, or maybe an ice planet.  Not enough light and heat from the sun to keep life going (as we know it).  And these visitors were, after all, human (but a bit bigger, and that’s another story).

What I do think, is that the “visitors” are from another universe.  A universe in which the time scale is a little different than ours.  Perhaps such that we perceive 3600 years passing and they perceive only a couple of years passing.

More advanced than us by a couple millennia, even they could not do “warp” drive (maybe by now) but they knew enough to traverse an intersection that they discovered occurring at a regular cycle.  Ancient hieroglyphs depict rocket type craft that lend credence to this.

The author makes mention of scientific DNA studies that link us to a focal point roughly 300,000 years ago (a ground-zero if you will).  And that this ground zero could be the Adam and Eve.

The author suggests that at some point previous to Adam and Even, these visitors may have been mining for gold or other resources and tired of toiling themselves.  They thusly created “the Adam” to be bred, in their image via hominids of the time, to be the workers.

This falls in line with the “missing link” we’ve all heard about.  An evolutionary jump in hominids to the Homo sapiens we know today.  Also jumps in technology, advanced knowledge of astronomy, and such that just seem extraordinary unless by “divine” intervention.

Of course, the visitors (or most of them?) would have to return to their place before the intersection of our two universes closed, to return upon reopening.

The way I roughly calculate, there is still a couple of centuries of our time to wait for the next cycle to begin and I wish I could be here to see it.  Maybe the return of God, Jesus or whomever you subscribe to, but it is possible they have destroyed themselves.  They could have had an extinction level event.  So Earth may not find out.  But if their time scale is different, it may only have been a short time since their last visit.

Well, this in itself may not be “paranormal” in itself, but the events of our past such as jumps in evolution could indeed mean that the “visitors” bred with us several cycles back.  Helped us build pyramids, Stonehenge and Easter Island type things.  But it would also help prove my ideas about the multi-verse and intersections/wormholes, which supports my theories behind physics and the paranormal.