Paranormal Evidence – Investigation in Old Toronto

Paranormal Evidence in Investigation of Childhood Home


In the early 1960s, as a young child, I lived in a house in an old part of Toronto. The strange disembodied whispers and the sound of walking in the halls at night frightened me, but also inspired me and set me on a live long quest to discover what these unexplained sights and sounds meant.

35 years later my brother and I had the opportunity to go back and conduct a proper paranormal investigation. It was a chance of a lifetime to go back to a place that started that inquisitive spark in me and hopefully find the answers that haunted my thoughts for all these years.

It was a two-storey semi-detached home, built around 1898 in the Bloor and Dufferin area of the city. The first thing we wanted to do was attempt some EVP recordings within the house, after a few days of recording odd sounds and voices were captured in the empty home. Upon analysis they were found to be very distinguishable and recognizable of those of our deceased Grandmother, Uncle and Cousin. It was at this point we decided to place a surveillance camera within the house.

Paul and I had set up the camera on the second floor facing down the long hallway. We placed an old doll on a chair at the other end of the hall as a trigger object, covered the windows with thick black garbage bags and left a single light on. I headed down to the main floor and as he started down the stairs, at about mid-landing, he noticed a shadow of a person on the stairwell wall pass him, going the opposite way up the stairs.  He stood there, confused for a moment, and looked around to see if he could find a logical explanation for what he had seen.  He couldn’t. We left for the night.

The recording on the surveillance camera the next day would prove to be one of our best. We watched in awe as the film 54 minutes in length showed energy moving from the far end of the hall towards the camera. It would fade away and then blaze back almost blinding. Then we noticed within the energy was an image of a person. We had to capture screen shots for a closer look. Astonishingly we agreed that the image appeared to be our Grandmother.

This would become one of the best pieces of evidence we have ever collected.