Mold causes Ghosts?

Is it a Ghost? Or just Mold?

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The further frustrations of a paranormal investigator…

Well here we go again. I read with bemusement an article published on April 02, by Levi Winchester regarding researchers found haunted houses were linked to hallucinogenic mold. The story would have been more befitting to have been published April 1.

Mold causes Ghosts? The researchers equated old buildings, ghostly apparitions and hauntings to toxic mold hidden in floor and walls.

This article takes me back to Michael Persinger’s “God Helmet” stating in his research that ghostly apparitions were explained by weak electromagnetic fields

Or Vic Tandy who found that ghosts were nothing more than extremely low frequencies or infrasound causing us to perceive ghosts in our mind.

Apparently there is no end to the money and resources available for those who wish to investigate that ghosts or spirits do not exist.

Regardless if it was Persinger’s theory; where in the world did weak electromagnetic fields come from when people were reporting ghosts back in the Middle Ages, or when a Roman, named Pliny the Younger (A.D. 61 to 115) wrote a tale about a haunted house in Athens. Seems Persinger only considered ghostly activity to be a modern phenomenon.

Mold causes Ghosts?

These theories of mold and EMF have not once considered how true phenomena of ghosts and hauntings play out. These events are very diverse and dynamic, meaning that they do not take into account witness and technology together confirming the same event. For example: one hears voices and also records the voices on a device, or one sees something strange and it is captured on video. According to my understanding hallucinations don’t appear on audio and video equipment as well as the person who has experienced it. Regardless of infrasound, mold or EMF.

If this is what they are selling as proof within their research, then what a great deal of paranormal investigators have accumulated over the years must, if measured by the same standards, be well beyond circumstantial evidence for proof of life after death.