Mississauga Historical Properties – Paranormal Investigation Photos

Photos from Mississauga Historical Properties – Paranormal Investigations

While filming Discovery Channel’s “A Haunting, Darkness Follows.” At the Bradley Museum in Mississauga it was my brother Paul who noticed two apparitions in period clothing walking through the gardens near the house. This was in broad daylight. We spoke to the Manager of the Museum and what he described sounded to her extraordinary similarities to the home’s owners Lewis and Elizabeth Bradley. Problem was they had been dead for over 140 years.

It was at this point that the manager extended a very graceful offer for our team to investigate many of the Mississauga historical properties that the city owned. This would be the beginning of a ten month journey.

Bradley House

Photo of the Bradley HouseAn investigation of the Bradley house was unique to me in the sense it seemed overly inviting and friendly, as one team member said “They (The Bradley’s) were so please for us to be in their home that if they could make us dinner they would have.”

When you remained in the house for some time you felt that if you looked out the windows you might have been drawn back to a bygone era.

Years ago a pyromaniac tossed a Molotov cocktail (Fire bomb) in to the museum, it smashed to the wooded floor of the small saltbox style farmhouse that was constructed in 1830 and burst into flames. The alarm when off and the fire department responded, what puzzled the Fire Chief was that the fire did not spread, it seemed to be inexplicably contained to a small area. Could this have been the Bradley’s doing everything they could to save their home?


Photo of Interior window at The Anchorage

Sitting on the property of the Bradley homestead is Regency style cottage moved to the site to same it from destruction. This was owned by Navy Commander John Skynner, his home known as The Anchorage is now the Museum’s visitor centre.

Two fascinating discoveries were made in this building while investigating, the first was the fact employees and visitors reported feeling nauseous and dizzy within the building especially on the upper floor. One night while in the building I observed several of my team and the museum manager talk about these feelings, I was experiencing them as well, but what I saw proved to be interesting, everyone seemed to be swaying, but not only swaying, but all swaying in unison.

I postulated that the Commander was having a very powerful daydream or memory about being at sea and this memory seemed to manifest within our environment causing everyone present to feel as if we were actually on his ship pitching too and fro.

The second observation was what I later termed the Social Spirits.

Cawthra House

Photo of the Cawthra HouseNot too far away was the Cawthra House at Cawthra Road and the Queen Elizabeth Way. The land was aquired back in 1808, the estate was built by Grace Cawthra in 1926 as a home for herself and newlywed husband, Major-General Harry Cawthra-Elliot. Part of the agreement in marriage is that her husband had to take her surname.

Harry died in 1949 and Grace lived on until 1974 without any heirs. During our investigations we found that a very dedicated servant to Mrs. Cawthra remained tending the building and remained in quiet times in the attic apartment. She can be seen at times looking out the quarter moon window towards Cawthra Road.

The second spirit to remain in the house was Grace’s brother in-law, who somehow thought he would become the properties rightful owner upon Grace’s death, this didn’t come about and he is caught between moments of feeling that he processes the home and knowing he has no rightful claim over it. We never found any signs of Harry or Grace within the building.

Adamson Estate

Photo of the Adamson EstateSitting on the Eastern boundary of Port Credit. Originally farm land acquired by Joseph Cawthra in 1809 and was known as Grove Farm. This land was given to Agar Adamson and Mabel Cawthra as a wedding gift.

Fascinating place with a grand coach house and pet cemetery. A grounds keeper who pined over another servant who worked in the main estate committed suicide when the feeling were not reciprocated hanging himself in the drive through of the coach house, he is believed to still wonder the grounds. We believe that Mabel still reside in the grand old house as well. One evening when we were walking through the upper floor and talking we (four males) were shushed by a female, no females were present on this visit. Doors close by themselves and the piano is sometimes heard playing on its own.

Benares House

Photo of the Benares Historic HouseBenares House is extremely unique, where as this now museum is filled with the possessions of the original family. This is a perfect setting for the family spirits as it seems that time never move on. If you stand outside and place an ear to the front door it will sometimes hear what sounds to be a party going on in the parlor, when no one (living that is) is inside. The atmosphere is friendly.