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Memory Matrix

A Spirits Reality

Brick ruins in cemeteryIt has become clear to me through 35 years of investigating life after death that a very real reality exists just beyond our perception. A reality where the dead live, love, work and fight depending on their situation. A place that is filled with conflicted and sometimes twisted views, where in one moment to them life never stopped and seems to continue with all of its mundane routines, and the next it is full of high strangeness. Some are aware that they are dead and some are not. To explain my theory on this hidden reality I had to create a name for it, to help describe it. Collectively the subject would be known as the Memory Matrix; individually it would be known as the Memory Bubble.

How these realities are formed – Memory

Within the memory matrix the spirit will create a very real and complex reality in which they exist. This reality would include the place they lived as it was when they were alive and would also include all the people they were used to seeing on a daily basis regardless of being living or dead, it wouldn’t matter as the spirit’s own mind would create from memory very real interactions and scenarios giving the spirit the impression that they were very much alive and existing in the physical.

When it becomes confusing for these spirits is when they start to perceive the living that exist at arms length, as part of their memory, it scares the living and startles and confuses the spirit. Most of the spirits who exist within the memory matrix are well adjusted and content; most don’t even know they are dead. These content spirits account for the majority of the dead.

It is the other small percentage of spirits who create hauntings; they have broken from the memory matrix and are trying to exist in our reality, thus causing problems for the living. These spirits normally carry a heavy obsession regarding a major situation from their live time or a traumatic unjust end, they usually feel they are a victim of some sort and this obsessive behavior keeps them very close to our reality.

The Memory Bubble

The fabric, which formulates a memory bubble, is frequency, resonating at a specific harmonic value. Each bubble has its own value. The bubble contains a slice of time, devised and perceived by the entity as reality. The time it represents is out of sync with real time.

No naked ghosts

It has been reported that in near death experiences there are constant common events that occur. The first is a noise, like a buzzing sound, which actually could be the change in frequency from this reality to the next reality. All report that they lose track of time, time has little meaning to them. They enter a life review; this review normally follows a chronology, from birth to the point of death. It is in the near death experience that these people are turned back. Had they not been resuscitated, I believe the individual would have chosen a slice of time from their life review and that time frame would have then become their new reality. Their reality contains all the things that one would find in this reality; such as sight, sound, furniture and people, living and deceased. Because the mental attributes are intact they also retain humility, this is why naked ghosts are rarely seen.

This new reality may not be exactly as it was when they were living, but rather as they perceived it to be in their lifetime experience. The entire bubble resonates at a frequency beyond our perception; however these bubbles surround us everywhere we go. Most are silent and exist in harmony, never to be known by us.

There are, at times, rare situations when these bubbles make themselves known to us in various ways. There are two specific triggers, which allow this to happen. The first is when a spirit focuses on an important event or problem in their past life. This intense focus, not unlike a daydream, raises the spirit’s emotional energy level and therefore raises the amplitude of the frequency, which allows paranormal sights, sounds, and smells to manifest in our reality.

The second trigger is a highly emotionally charged memory, which causes deep thought, turmoil and disturbance to the spirit. Roving smells are one phenomenon that may transcend the boundaries of both realities.

Another is the sound of moving furniture and things breaking, when there is no evidence to suggest anything has been broken or moved. They are simply reverberating out of their memory and into our reality, at a resonance we can process. Major disturbances come when the spirit perceives either a chance to communicate with the living, an opportunity to manipulate your choices and actions to produce a result they wish to see occur, or a threat by you to them in changing something they do not want changed or learning something they do not want you to know about their past.

For example in one haunting that I had investigated was a young couple who had rented a house together, sounds and their personal items being placed by the front door tortured them. By using a medium we discovered that the person who had originally built the house was a high ranking person within the local church, it seemed that he deeply disproved of this young unwed couple sleeping together in his home and unable to exercise his morality on them chose to scare them out of the home.

The phrase “My life flashed before my eyes” is an appropriate statement within this context. At the point of death an individual’s life will, out of memory, replay itself to the individual. This process can last up to three days and is part of the memory bubble development. The deceased will eventually select a point in time from their memory. Once selected, they will choose to exist within that memory. This selection will, of course, have a deep personal meaning. It may range from an extremely happy time to something they are obsessed over, to dwelling on something they did or had done to them.

Memory is the deciding factor in where the spirit will go upon death. In the event of a traumatic death, such as murder or accident and even that of a soldier who had died in combat, the very fact that the event was so horrific may create an over powering memory; which supersedes all other memories, holding them to the place of death. It could be that they do not quite understand what has happened to them or that they don’t like the outcome of the original event which caused their death and they may feel that it is possible to change what has occurred. The modification and expansion of a memory bubble occurs when more than one spirit in close proximity share a specific time frame. An example would be where many people died in a single event such as war or plane crash. They rely on each other’s memory information of that time and adapt the information to the bubble; causing the bubble to expand. Although brief these bubbles can manifest and envelope an onlooker pulling them into what we consider to be a time slip.

Case in point – Walking into the past

Castle with man in black suit and top hat standing out frontFor example, in 1901 there was a case involving two English women; Miss Anne Moberley and Miss Eleanor Jourdain who, on a trip to Paris, reported that while walking the ground of Versailles they seemed to walk into the past. They saw people in period dress from the late 18th century, around the time of Marie Antoinette and reported that the environment around them had changed, feeling heavy, depressed and very unpleasant. It’s within this bubble that a spirit’s thought process, if traumatic and powerful, may manifest into our reality, and should it be reinforced with that of other spirits, could take on a life of its own. The manifestation can separate from the memory bubble and form its own reality. This would explain the sightings of ghostly ships and trains, most of which suffered some devastating fate in history. That manifestation bubble which has detached and is not supported, seems real, but quickly dissipates without warning and is gone from the witness’s view.

Memory Matrix chart - Spirit to projected memory to observer



Why are they here?

First we must discovery why they here, all around us?  It seems that there isn’t anywhere for them to go, as they exist in their own reality which overshadows ours. Heaven and hell are not specific places, but rather a frame of mind.  Those places are what we create for ourselves, for the time being. For those of us who pass over in peace, we move on to join dearly departed relatives that have gone on before us. For those not at peace, they create their own hell, fueled by fear, guilt, greed and the evil deeds committed in life.  They become their own tormentors, clinging to the edges of reality in present time, dwelling, hiding, hoping they will not be seen for what they are. Religion has painted horrible pictures of hell, and they feel that if they move on, a far worse place awaits them. 

As they exist in extremely close proximity to our own reality and they can pass through this membrane into our reality. These realities are based on a frequency that is different than our own. Science has shown us that everything has a specific frequency.  Human life operates on several frequencies, in death, these frequencies are slightly elevated, vibrating at a level that we cannot see or hear.  When the spirit is laden with strong emotion; fear, guilt, helplessness, or wanting, these negative feelings send them into a depression, reducing this frequency, thus their actions start to manifest into our reality with sights, sounds and odd smells. It seems that our bodies act as an insulator, like the rubber around an electrical wire.  As we die, and the body is shed, the spirit being released is elevated in frequency. Psychic ability, for example, is simply an example of an individual who can tune into these frequencies.

Memory bubble development, what it represents to the individual and what it means with regard to Judgment Day

I never wanted to fall into this discussion of religion because I understand that this can be an extremely delicate subject. Everyone has, or should have, the freedom to follow and practice the religion of their choice. Regardless of the religion, they all have the same principle messages for all of us.

  1. Be good to one another; take care of those around us.
  2. Believe in and worship God.

Now, having said that, I have to tread into the deeper water of what all religions consider a day of Judgment, or Judgment Day. There are common links regarding this time between Judeo – Christian and Islamic teachings. The top of the list is that they all agree that there will be such a day.

The memory bubble is developed out of the individual’s memory; memories consisting of events, emotions and experience.

People are, believe it or not, their own harshest critic and they will, without knowing, put themselves where they need to be. People are creatures of habit and through that habit will take all of life’s personal events, emotions and experiences with them in death, involuntarily becoming what they have always been in life. They will unknowingly choose an interim place of existence.


This is a place where the individual has died, accepted and acknowledged their sins in life and have found an enjoyable place in time where they were most happy in life. The memory bubble is then formed around that time, transferring them to an existence of peaceful harmony. These entities are quiet.


This is a place where the individual has died and is obsessed over things they had done, or that had been done to them; over money, property or a relationship. They are trying to make people understand that they were a victim, or are continuing to hide a crime. They virtually transform themselves into an undying hell, where the memory bubble they create contains all the sins and fears that haunted them in life. These entities are restless and active; some may be malevolent, some may be benevolent.

These two places are temporary until the final day of Judgment, where all the bubbles will burst, they will find themselves standing along with the living, for Judgment.

It wasn’t long ago (1999) that Pope John Paul II spoke to an audience in Rome about what Heaven and Hell were. He stated that neither were a physical place, but rather what the individual made of them; they are more states of thought.

We need to look at what a ghost or spirit is and how it may exist.


Scientific exploration

Electromagnetic energy exists within each of us. Science is now examining this energy at the cellular level, leading to the belief that it is a platform for information transfer and communication from one cell to another. There is also ongoing research that is now trying to redefine what death is, as it has been discovered that, at the time of brain death, there remains communication at the cellular level within the body. Near death researchers have looked at this with great interest, as subjects have reported actions and conversations within hospital emergency and operating rooms, when they had been pronounced brain dead only to be resuscitated. Researchers now feel the information within the body was retained by this energy at the cellular level. Once the individual was revived, they had full knowledge of what was going on while they were dead. This is very exciting on its own, however, if we throw into the equation the fact that energy cannot be destroyed, could this information involving an individual remain if they were not revived, and the individual body was pronounced permanently deceased?

The human heart, as it pumps, produces about four watts of energy. This energy spirals like a flux around our bodies and produces an energy field that can extend up to fifteen feet beyond our bodies. As this energy field moves around us, it has to touch and come into contact with other energy sources, energy fields. Could this interaction allow transference of information, and can this media be associated with dejavu, second sight and empathic experiences? Most people unfortunately can not process this type of information due to so much pollution caused by radio, television, cellular phone and IFRD transmissions that they simply interfere and overwhelm the subtle information that is out there, most have become deaf to the reception of such media. But does this energy truly retain information?

Kirlian Half LeafIn 1939, Semyon Kirlian discovered, by accident what would eventually be termed the “Kirlian Effect”; a photographic procedure, which seems to capture the life force that appears to surround every living thing. It was further noted in Kirlian investigations that changes in moisture could indicate emotional changes, which affect the coronal discharges around the subject. If these photos truly demonstrate the life force, then there would seem to be integrity within what I have termed The Memory Matrix. This was demonstrated with the famous photo of the leaf, which shows a leaf with the top portion cut off and removed. Amazingly the Kirlian photo shows the aura of the entire leaf. This seems to demonstrate that, even though the leaf is damaged and incomplete, there is something that remembers the shape integrity of the entire leaf, as displayed by the photo.


In 1985, at The Academy of Sciences in Moscow, a scientist was mapping a DNA sample with a laser. He had fired the laser into the target chamber but had forgotten to place his specimen slide into the target area. What occurred was an image of the previous DNA sample, as though it was still present within the chamber, even though it had been removed. The equipment was inspected and further tests were conducted. They all produced the same result; it seemed the laser was being influenced by what is now termed “The DNA Phantom.” It was determined that when the sample was removed, something remained, invisible to the human eye, which could influence light waves and leave an imprint. Could the energy signature of DNA leave a signature standing wave in its environment?


Could these invisible lines of force be part of the integrity of the memory matrix?

What if something of us does survive after death, something that retains intelligence, emotion and memory? What would it look like? Could it have some of the characteristics found in the above and exist as a small ball of invisibility, just beyond our perception? Could this be what Doctor Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts observed and reported in his experiments? He reported in his death observation experiments in American Medicine in April of 1907, an unexplainable loss of weight of between 1 ½ to 2 ½ ounces from his subjects at the time of death. Could this be something of the soul?

There seem to be several stages to what a ghost is in existence; they are invisible beyond our perception, stringy shadows and some are a form of apparition. Let’s start with the shadows and how and why we might see them. As I combed through hundreds of reports and articles, there seemed to be patterns and consistencies that emerged. First, I had to understand how the human eye works, which led me to a multitude of medical texts and several doctors and optometrists.

Every person has two types of vision; foveal, which is direct or focused vision, is our primary vision, as it is perfect for seeing details. The other is peripheral vision, which is suited for detecting and seeing shadows. Peripheral vision isn’t used often, as we are no longer predators, hunting for our food and on guard against attacks from other predators. Our peripheral is designed to allow low-resolution vision; motion detection at 180 degrees at a wide range of illuminations. Foveal uses cones (colour vision), which have filters that prevent a large portion of ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching the retina. Peripheral uses rods (black and white vision), which are sensitive to ultraviolet light. In the majority of people the UV filters do not completely filter out all of the UV light, as there are small gaps at the corners of their eyes (peripheral). This information is significantly important.


Why children and pets perceive more phenomena than adults

The structure and development of the eye I believe has a great deal to do with seeing ghosts. Spirit composition reflects UV light at certain points of the manifestation process; it is within the UV-A spectrum of 380 to 315 nanometers. It is the UV-A light that is the basis of the research; as UV-A is found both indoors and outdoors, where UV-B 314-280nm and UV-C 279-200nm is not found indoors, the phenomenon is generally seen inside.

The UV filters within the human eye develop over time, and with age the lens of the eye hardens and becomes yellow, thus allowing the eye to decrease its absorbing ability, blocking out more UV radiation. UV will enter the eyes of children and infants at full strength.

Dogs and cats have the ability to detect movement in low lighting and because of their short lifespan; they rarely develop the ability to block out UV light.

There are numerous reports of people reporting a phenomenon which is termed “Shadow People”. This phenomenon is not new. People have been seeing black or dark image movement out of the peripheral, only to have it disappear when the observer turns their head. Is it possible that these shadow people exist in the UV spectrum of light? Or in better terms reflect UV light waves? When the observer turns to look directly at the image, does the UV filter within the eye instantly block it from our perception and the image seems to vanish?

This may be why monks in medieval times used small mirrors, placed up beside their noses, in order to see roaming spirits in their peripheral vision.

After discussing much of my theory on UV waves and their relationship with spirit energy with my associate John Mullan, he summed it up with an analogy. “It is like dust particles floating around the room, you can’t see them but regardless they are still there. It’s when you catch a sun beam shining in through a window the floating dust is suddenly illuminated.”

(Please click here to read my article on Mirrors for further information)

There seems to be something solid to a spirit, this was noticed many times by our surveillance cameras. What was recorded was when a person passed fairly close to the camera was that the iris within the camera had to quickly adjust to the changing lighting conditions, however this was also noted many times when no one was passing the camera, the iris would adjust making the background lighting appear to darken and then brighten. What made it extremely interesting was the fact that as the camera was making these adjustments the sound of walking was also captured on the camera’s microphone indicating something unseen was present.

The shadowy figures we see are nothing more than an interplay of ultraviolet light and the spirit’s memory matrix, not unlike that of the “Phantom DNA Effect”.


But how do they manifest?

At times, in every person’s life, emotions can be so intense they may become uncontrollable. I believe the trigger of a physical manifestation is the involuntary production of a negative or positive emotion. These emotions have a strong link to, but are not limited to, the individual’s memory. As the individual lives within its own memory, there will be emotionally charged events that come to the surface. Thoughts, memories or observed occurrences can easily create a dynamic response or reaction, even on a subconscious level. How we deal with emotion in life is no different in the afterlife; feelings are formed by experience, opinions and attitudes. The reaction to them may be extremely powerful and can be involuntary and may even create behavior that is questionable and bizarre. One event demonstrating a positive emotion as a trigger was observed when children on a school trip visited a house from the 1860’s, set up as a museum to show what life was like in that era. The original owner (deceased) had lost a grandchild in 1880. As the School children entered the house, the entity saw a child who closely resembled her grandson. The resulting emotion triggered the physical manifestation and the woman appeared as a ghostly figure to the children. The feeling was not reciprocated and the children fled the house, screaming.

Another situation where memory caused a manifestation of sound was one evening I had visited a family which I was working with investigating their haunting, it was just prior to Christmas and we were sitting in the kitchen, just next this was the living room where a mixed tape of Christmas music was playing. As an old song began to play “Ave Maria” a female child’s voice began to sing along to the song from the living room, there was no one in the living room and there certainly wasn’t a child in the house at the time. I do believe due to the time of year it was and the memory this song held for this child the emotion inspired the child to manifest in sound.

When an entity has a strong emotion there is a shift within the electromagnetic field, causing it to polarize. When this dielectric field polarizes, it starts a chain reaction. There is an escalation in its normal operating frequency, to a higher wavelength. A harmonic resonance from within this field causes a wave to form from the memory matrix. This field begins absorption of materials and energy from within the surrounding environment. The absorbed materials become coherent and oscillate in harmony. This starts to produce the exact configuration of what the entity looked like in life, as demonstrated by the Kirlian effect as well as the DNA Phantom effect. UV wavelengths cause ion radiation that knocks electrons from atoms, causing them to become highly reactive, beginning the formulation of a lattice structure. This lattice vibrates in the infrasound spectrum at approximately 4 Hz.

As the material is pulled in from the proximity of the event, there becomes a thermal void within the area, leaving cold spots. A partial form may start to appear. Depending on its intensity, more of the form may begin to be produced. If the emotional event is terminated, the manifestation will quickly dissipate. Depending on how long the manifestation maintains its form, the observation of auditory static discharge may be heard. As well, small pools of cold water may appear as condensation forms.

I am unsure if water or even moisture plays a role within this production of a manifestation, however it is noted that ghostly activity is greatly increased on stormy days and even greater activity in the winter months. It is at these times there is an abundance of required elements to assist the spirit to manifest, those of moisture and static electricity. This may also help to explain why ghostly activity is focused close to water sources like bathrooms and kitchens.

It may be of interest to note that in 1867, Lord Kelvin discovered that dripping water, like that found in a leaky faucet in your tub or sink, would produce static electricity. This was demonstrated in his experiment termed “Kelvin’s Thunderstorm”


Although the majority of the time the memory energy with in the memory bubble is well beyond our perception it still retains defined space.


The memory matrix and the ping pong ball.

One evening at the house investigated in the book “Overshadows”, my wife and I had gone over to visit the family, when a strange event occurred. Over the course of our visit the daughter of the family suggested we play ping-pong. Everyone agreed, feeling that a little bit of fun would be a good stress relief from the events normally occurring in the house. During the game a wild return of the ball left the table and struck something in open space, something we couldn’t see. The ball ricocheted back and forth, in what seemed to be a very tight containment field. After bouncing about 10 to 12 times in rapid succession in downward pattern, the ball fell to the floor. It was witnessed by all 5 of us.


How a living individual and a spirit meet at a point within time and space

The spirit is outside of our perception, existing within its memory bubble; occasionally some action occurs which serves as a switch to synchronization of the two realities, allowing them to collide in time and space. The best way to explain this is, if you ever remember having a dream where a sound around you, possibly a clock radio going off, was incorporated into your dream and instead of waking you up, it changed your dream becoming a part of the dream. This will give you a better understanding of what is taking place. This synchronicity occurs when the spirit memory perceives a living individual as part of their memory bubble, due to a resemblance or a simple convenience, causing the spirit to come forward to interact and emotions to escalate. It is at this point of interaction that the two realities collide. The living individual becomes terrified and the spirit, realizing this person is not part of their reality, quickly retreats back beyond our perception. Although the above explanation is what generally occurs, there are situations where certain spirits are aware they are dead and gravitate closer to our reality for personal reasons, most of these situations are the cause of hauntings.


Memory is the scribe of the Soul.


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