Lost – The Family Secret

 Irish Pub – Mississauga

Paul and I were to meet up with Joe, the business manager, to discuss the investigation and to have a look around.  We arrived and checked the main floor.  The building had been a large private home in the 1850’s, after which it was converted into a business; it is now being used as a pub.  It consists of a large bar area, dining area and kitchen upstairs, bathrooms, office and storage down in the basement.  We met up with Joe.  Joe took us downstairs; next to the washrooms he told us how the workers and patrons reported extreme cold spots there and uneasy feelings.  Next to the phone in that area was a small closet.  When Joe opened it a high quantity of positively charged ions were detected briefly.  We moved on to a secret room, which was 15 degrees colder than the rest of the basement. Joe stopped to tell us about some of the incidents and I couldn’t help but notice a chalkboard near the washroom.  Written on the board was, “Shhh, please do not disturb our resident ghost, Minerva!”  Joe said that a patron who claimed to be psychic told him that the ghost’s name was Minerva.

We followed Joe up to the main floor where he told us that glasses and ashtrays would fly off the bar.  People would report their hair being pulled or touched and complain of feeling cold.  He then told us that he had been scratched on the back of his neck in one encounter. In another encounter, an employee was going out the back door off of the kitchen, to have a smoke outside, when they saw a female standing there looking at them.  He had to take us to show us because it was difficult to describe.  When I saw it I understood.  The outer door was the solid wood door, which opened out to the deck.  The inner door was actually the screen door, which opened into the kitchen.  When the screen door was open, it was against the kitchen wall.  When the employee saw the spirit she was between the wall and the screen door, which was fully open.  The space between this door and wall is less than three inches.  The incident was brief.  Another situation involved a different employee, who was fearful of changing in the locker rooms because of feelings of being watched and uneasiness.  He had decided to change into his work clothes in the hall outside the locker room.  It was on this occasion that he witnessed a transparent apparition of a girl walking down the hall towards him.  As she neared him she disappeared through a solid door into a storage area.

John P. had arrived and entered the main door to the pub and went straight to work wandering the main floor, trying to pick up on psychic impressions. John M. met up with Paul, and I and we set out to place our equipment in the basement. Paul had some good ideas where to locate the camera so I left them and went back upstairs where I placed an infrared camera in the kitchen, as this was reported to be one of the heavily active spots.  Paul and John M. placed a camera in the common hallway outside the lower level washroom, which was reported to be the most active place in the building.  The unit being used was a wireless camera with built-in microphones, so Paul could monitor any activity from the main floor entrance.  A tape recorder was then set up in the secret room.

John M. and I started taking meter readings and photos in a criss-cross pattern throughout the main floor.

We found one area, close to the far side of the bar, which held a few strange anomalies.  We found an EMF reading in mid-air of 7 milligauss, it was 5 feet from the floor, 4.5 feet from the ceiling, 3 feet from the wall and 3 feet from the bar.  The reading seemed to exist in an 8 by 10 inch space.  There was also the presence of charged particles and static electricity.  The frequency counter picked up 4 Hz, then started to climb, 7 Hz, 14 Hz and 27 Hz.  Then the reading went to 4 Hz and disappeared completely, at which point all equipment readings were zero.  We could find no reasonable explanation for these readings or their sudden disappearance.

A few minutes later, Paul reported seeing a large shadow on the camera.  It came from the closet and headed off towards a steel door, by the men’s washroom.

We met up with John P. on the main floor near the stairs.

“It’s a girl, 19.  She has some sort of illness, hunched over, hard to breathe.  Mentally challenged. Her arms flail around, hard to control.  Almost seems like she has multiple sclerosis.  Very disturbed. Let me get this.”

“Ah, she becomes confused when people call her Minerva or Mini; that was her aunt’s name.  When people here call out those names she thinks her aunt has come back and goes off looking for her.  Each time brings disappointment.  This is actually cruel, it gets her upset and frustrated.  It’s been going on for a long time.

She spends most of her time in the basement and I get this image that she travels from the far end of the basement, under the bar, to the kitchen.”  He looked at Joe, “Is there a tunnel?”  Either Joe didn’t understand the question or felt whatever was downstairs did not constitute a tunnel, he did not answer.

John P. paused for a moment.  “Wow, this is really complicated.  Her Aunt Mini is actually her Grandmother.  Mini’s daughter got pregnant … 1890, out of wedlock.  This became the family’s secret.  The family was very important here, very affluent.  This could have been scandalous.  While she was giving birth Mini’s daughter died and the baby had very serious medical problems.  The child was kept, even though they felt she was an embarrassment to the family. She was kept in the basement in the secret room.  She wasn’t allowed outside or permitted to play with any of the other children.  Hidden away!”

He headed for the stairs to the basement, stopping on the midway landing.  “There was an uncle, a creepy guy who would fondle her and make advances towards her.”  We continued down to the basement.

At this point all of the surveillance equipment in the kitchen stopped operating without any reason.  The footage taken with the other camera in the basement was missing the first half hour, during the same time period that the other equipment malfunctioned.  It was as if the tape never recorded at all and then somehow the device started taping.  However, on the tape in the hidden room, Paul had captured noises of things moving around and then a very clear voice of a girl saying, “Mommy!”

John P. stood in the hall between the closet and the washrooms, trying to tune into what may have been going on in the basement.  He turned and looked at the chalkboard.  Looking back at Joe he said “It’s all here, you don’t need me to tell you what you already know!”  Pointing to the chalkboard he read it aloud.  “Shhh, please do not disturb our resident ghost!”  He rubbed the name Minerva out.  “You wrote it yourself, she doesn’t want the attention, or to communicate, just to be left alone.”  He wandered off to a steel door, “Where does this go?”

Joe said  “You can open it, it goes to the office and storage.”  It also led to a back stairway up to the kitchen.

John looked at us, “This is the tunnel I felt was down here.  This is how she gets from that room up to the kitchen.”

He stopped near the change room and sat down on a box, looking at me as I sat near him and turned on the tape recorder. He was already picking up information from her in his mind’s eye. John took out his pendulum, trying to focus the communication with her.

“We are here as friends, no one will hurt you.”

“I’m sorry for the disruption, is there anything we can do to help you?”


“Are you afraid?”

“Hummm!” “Are you scared?”


“Nothing to be scared of!”

“Do you have a safe place here…A safe place down here?”

“She doesn’t understand.”

“Ah, you have a baby!  A little dolly.”


“The baby is with you.”


“Pretty baby, she has nice hair.”


“Do you have a friend that plays with you?”

“NO, my friend died. My friend died. My friend died…”

“No one to play with.”


“Nothing to be scared of!”

“Do you like all the people that come here?”


“Do you want the people talking to you?”


“Are you allowed upstairs?”

“Can you go upstairs?”

“She doesn’t understand.”

“Do you know your name?”

“Do you remember your name?”

“Do you remember what they call you?”

“Can I ask your name?”


Long pause.

“Is your name Minerva, Mini?”

“NO!” Upset, stomping on the floor.


“But you know Aunt Mini?”


“Are you having trouble breathing where you are?”

“Yes, scared.”

“Nothing to be scared about.”

Brief pause.

“Do you play with the children upstairs?”

“Yes.” Timid.

“It’s all right to play with the children, it’s okay!”


“When you go up there I want you to look out the window.”

“Can you look out the window?”


“It is okay to look out the window.”


“It’s safe, look out, that is outside!”




“Yes, the horses are outside.”

“Can you do that please, there is no need to be down here, it is better for you upstairs.”


“At the window.”



“What is your name?”

“Bet, Bet, Bet…Beth…Beth!”  Speech impediment.

“Your name is Beth?”




“Thank you.”

John P. paused for a moment.  “She is very confused and scared.  She doesn’t want the attention she is getting and it is cruel to be calling her aunt’s name out loud.  She needs to move on.  She is drawn to your wife, Joe and I suspect that you may remind her of someone, someone she didn’t like.  She lived and died down here and when she died nobody noticed for a day or two.  It was her medical condition, she couldn’t breathe.  At first I thought there was a fire because she was extremely hot and suffocated.  I see now it was part of her condition and a fever.  She was 19 but with an undeveloped mind.  She was drawn to hair, especially blonde.  She had this uncontrollable urge to touch it, feel the softness, but because of her condition she would lose control of her muscle co-ordination and instead of stroking the person’s hair she would inadvertently give it a tug.  She meant no harm to the person, of course.  She is the resident entity here.  There are others that will drop in occasionally.  There is a man, a son of Minerva, who died in the war in 1914 and I believe he is buried in a cemetery close by.  The people who owned this home had a lot to do with this town, a lot of power and influence.  Elizabeth was one of their secrets.”

We headed upstairs, it was 5 a.m. and time to pack up.  As we disassembled and packed the equipment John P. gave Joe his opinion, to simply stop enticing this spirit, no contact should be attempted whatsoever.

It was funny, after all the equipment was safely loaded into the car and we were all saying our goodbyes, loud noises started in the kitchen.  I walked over, pushed the door open and peered in.  

Nothing, at least nothing that I could see.