Investigating the CNE Archives
Investigating the Archives

“Information is, for the most part, a piece of a much larger puzzle. Each piece waits for another to reinforce what the first piece has suggested. When this occurs, they call it proof.”

Richard Palmisano


It has always amazed me what we determine to be evidence, depending on the topic. If we are talking about criminal activity, then electronic evidence such as security monitoring devices, which indicate an action occurring in a specific place, as well as surveillance systems, that show us what occurred in that location can provide a strong case. Couple this information with witness testimony and the evidence may end in a criminal conviction, even with the absence of DNA samples. However, we may have all of these same elements in a similar instance and yet because the topic is the paranormal, the evidence is automatically dismissed.


Some of the places that The Searcher Group have investigated include:  The Canadian National Exhibition, Alma College, Bell Gardiner Estate, Scadding Cabin & Guild Inn.