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Based out of Colorado Springs – Colorado Para-Tech Investigations, is an organization comprised of seasoned paranormal investigators whose mission is to provide factual and realistic answers based on hard evidence to businesses, families, and individuals in Colorado. They are also Colorado Paranormal Technology, dba Colorado Para-Tech, a paranormal investigation equipment manufacturing division that was born from the creation of the Ghost Light. To visit their website please click on the photo above.

Rich Horn - CO Para-tech
Rich Horn


Interview with Rich Horn,

Investigator -Tech & Video Specialist



Peter: How and when did you become interested in the paranormal? 

Rich: I became interested in death and the paranormal when I was about 10 years old. I was living in Germany at the time (Army brat) and my parents used to take me on tours of old castles and historic places. One tour was at the Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp. Many of the buildings were still standing then, including the ovens and gas chambers. Upon entering the front gate it was as if you were covered with a blanket of dark and dismal feelings of despair and hatred. I also had the feelings of being watched by hundreds of unseen eyes and being crowded in upon by unseen people. I heard people crying, but could not see anyone around me at the time that was crying. There was just this terrible dark depressing feeling that hung over me everywhere we went inside the camp. As soon as we left the gates, it disappeared. In all the places I’d had been, I never felt anything like that and it bothered me for a long time. So I became interested right then in finding out more about death and after death.

Peter: How long have you been conducting investigations?

Rich:  I actually started doing EVP experiments on my own with tape recorders in the ’70s. I didn’t start doing organized group investigations until about 5 years ago.

Peter: Did you assemble your team from people you already knew or did you actively seek out same-minded individuals?

Rich: I handpicked the members of Colorado Para-Tech from people I had worked with before that were like-minded, level-headed individuals who excelled in their particular areas of interest.

Peter: Are your teammates ‘seasoned’ investigators through CO Para-Tech experiences exclusively or have any of them joined already having had some investigation experience?

Rich:  All of the team members have anywhere from 50 to 100 investigations under their belts, some a little more. About half of those were previous to joining C.P.T.

Peter:  Your website team description describes your group as ‘registered’; what state/county department is CO Para-Tech registered with, under which category and is this a necessary step for a paranormal investigations team to take in America?

Rich:  Colorado Para-Tech (the manufacturing division) is registered with the State of Colorado Department of Revenue as a manufacturing and retail business, and Colorado Para-Tech Investigations is registered with the state of Colorado as a non-profit organization. It is not necessary for investigators to be registered in the USA, but we felt that it helps maintain a level of integrity and it also helped us secure liability insurance.

Peter: Most memorable moment or investigation?

Rich: There have been many, but what sticks out in my mind was an investigation of the Peabody Mansion in Denver when three of us were sweeping the upstairs master bedroom for EMFs and I got a hit on the E.Probe near the closet door and as we converged on that spot we all heard the very clear sound of a child crying which was also captured on audio and video.

Peter: What is your opinion on what a ghost is?

Rich: That’s the million-dollar question. We approach paranormal research from a very skeptical position and lean toward more scientific methods of gathering and interpreting data. That being said, we have encountered enough things we cannot rationally explain that inspires us to continue the search for answers. It is my opinion at this time that a “ghost” is the remnants or the emergence of an energy form that was once associated with a living being.

Peter: What do you feel is the greatest hindrance for research groups trying to educate the public about what we do?

Rich: That’s the key to the problem. There are investigators and there are researchers. Investigators tend to be more interested in the hunt and spend more time at different locations and public events. Researchers tend to be more methodical and often study the same location for a long time gathering continued streams of data. The lack of cohesion within the paranormal community as a whole is the biggest problem. There are so many differences in the operations and the agendas of investigators and researchers that it’s hard for the general public to take us seriously. 

Peter: On the tech side, what inspires the development of the new technology that your team builds? Does it come from field work or purely research?

Rich: Inspiration for new technology is most often driven by need. Many of the devices I’ve developed have been because I could not find an existing device that performed to my requirements. That’s how Ghost Lights started. There was simply no one making IR illuminators that had the range, brightness, run-time, and cost effectiveness that I felt was necessary for my paranormal research, so I started looking for ways to make something good enough for my work that everybody could use and afford. That was in 2009 and Ghost Lights continue to evolve as they enter their third generation.

My interest in specific areas of research has led to the development of other devices and continues to evolve as I expand my research.

Peter: How many prototypes do you find you build or tinker with before the final product?

Rich: It varies but as an example, there is one device I’m currently working on that is in its 6th prototype. There are many that never make it to production. If it doesn’t perform to my standards, then it doesn’t get out.

Peter:  What prompted the discontinuation of the E. Probe 1.0 in favour of the 2.0 model?

Rich: Whenever I put out a product, I continue to look for ways to improve it. The E.Probe EP-1 was the first version that worked well for me in the field and that I thought was good enough for public use, but as I was looking at ideas for the next generation of E.Probe, the manufacturer who made the cases for the EP-1 went out of business. This gave me the impetus to move on the EP-2.0. The new version has better electronics and many of the changes that were suggested by EP-1 users. Of course I’m now exploring more improvements, so it really never ends.

Peter: Do you receive much feedback from your eBay customers?

Rich: I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers and I appreciate that. It gives me confirmation that I’m on the right track.

Peter: Where in the world has been the farthest your products have been shipped, so far?

Rich: C.P.T. products have shipped all over the world, including Canada, the UK, Europe, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and China.

Peter: Can you tell us about any of your current work or future research plans?

Rich: Much of my work is usually involved with improving the devices I already make and developing the next generations of those, but I’m also very much interested with all aspects of research in EMF and other energy fields. Much of my new research is in the areas of EMF-EVP correlation and the cataloging and defining of specific aspects of the energies associated with paranormal events.

Peter: In a perfect world what would you like to see happen in the work we do?

Rich: I’d like to see breakthroughs in paranormal research that would eventually lead to an acceptance of our work in the scientific community. There are already some research groups ( not C.P.T.) that are very close to that. This could lead to some astounding scientific discoveries about the paranormal.

Peter: Are there any parting thoughts you wish to express?

Rich: I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported Colorado Para-Tech’s work and products and hope that in some way we’ve helped to advance your work.