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Southern Ontario Paranormal Society - Steve Genier

Steve Genier – SOPS


We would like to welcome Steve Genier the Founder and lead investigator of Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS).

Richard: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be interested in pursuing the paranormal?

Steve: Involved with the film industry off and on since 1997. In several capacities including cinematography, writing as well as editing. Though I have been interested with or in the paranormal since I was a kid with an experience I had had when I was 13 years old. Shortly after graduating from film school was when I decided to research and investigate the paranormal. Use techniques I had learned in film school to try and gather evidence. 2005, I decided to share and network with others in the field by forming Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS).

Richard: I see you have a number of team members. Are they assigned specific jobs on an investigation or are they permitted to basically follow their own personal objectives?

Steve: They are open to experiment in areas that interest them the most within the several aspects available in an investigation. I feel that in order to get best results, it’s always good to leave things open and to never discount elements that may help us understand.

Richard: During an investigation does your team always agree on what seems to be occurring?

Steve: No, there are some who have a more skeptical view on things that occur within the group. Something I find both very usual and very healthy in keeping a good balance.

Richard: When the team disagrees how do you reconcile this and come to a conclusion?

Steve: Again, when dealing with aspects that are still outside our current understanding it is often very hard to agree fully. So, therefore all perspectives are documented for future references.

Richard: Can you tell us about some of your current work?

Steve: We are just about to start experiments within the EVP field with Michael Esposito who hales from Chicago. A musician by trade, he has been experimenting with audio and it’s interaction with the paranormal for well over 25 years. His work is world renounced . We will be running several experiments inside the Spruce Lane Farmhouse where we have been researching and investigating for over 5 years now.

Richard: What really stands out in this investigation that leads you to believe something truly paranormal exists at this location?

Steve: The personal experiences, the data/evidence that we have collected and the overall atmosphere has left things very open ended for us to this day.

Richard: Has it ever frightened you?

Steve: Never, in fact the energies experienced there, though at times can be commanding, it’s very subtle. Though some of the employees there have experienced some rather unnerving events there.

Richard: Tell us in your opinion what was the most astonishing event you were witness too?

Steve: In another area that we have been researching and investigating for several years, a small inactive pioneer cemetery. Gathering data for the local historical society in trying to recover lost names and people who are thought to be buried within it’s confines through paranormal research. One evening while snapping some pictures for reference, I started to notice an anomaly. In the pictures being taken, there was one person in them, while when I looked, there was two persons in front of me. After calling the name of the person in the front, and asking if the other person in between us was a member of the group, they replied by saying that member was on the other side of the cemetery. As soon as that was said, the shadow being in between us veered off into the back corner of the cemetery and completely disappeared!

Richard: Did it change your perspective on life after death?

Steve: No, though it did make me a believer of shadow beings.

Richard: I understand you work closely with other teams throughout Canada and into the US. How do you find working with other teams?

Steve: I enjoy it for the most part. How bringing in different perspectives, techniques etc. into the fold give you a better understanding on future investigations. Though in some cases it can be very detrimental at the same time. There are many groups out there that still need to mature or learn the point investigating the paranormal. It’s hard word, tiresome at times and involves passion and drive. The goal being to better understanding things.

Richard: Do you find a great deal of cooperation and sharing of ideas and information, or is information guarded?

Steve: I find here in Canada things are much more guarded. Like there some sort of gold treasure to be had and not wanting to share it. In the US, those that I have worked with do seem much more open in places, though very territorial.

Richard: I understand you also operate and host Nocturnal Frequency Radio. How long have you been doing this show?

Steve: I have been producing and host Nocturnal Frequency Radio since August 2008.

Richard: You must have had the opportunity to speak with many fascinating people, has anyone in the course of an interview revealed information that changed your perspective on a particular subject?

Steve: Yes, Michael Esposito. His experiments and research into the field of EVP is phenomenal. A true pioneer within the paranormal community.

Richard: Would you like to share a link to your show.

Steve: For the old archives you can go to as of this September we will now be apart of New Visions Radio which can be found at We are live every Sunday night at 11pmEST. Season 7 starts this September, though you can catch our LOST episodes until then on New Visions.

Richard: So what can we expect to see from SOPS in the future?

Steve: We continue to try and better understand the great unknown. We will be opening things up in the next few months with much more experimentation etc.

Richard: Is there anything further you would like to share we us?

Steve: Just to say, remember if your goal within the paranormal is to seek fame and fortune, your in the wrong field. Education is the best aspect to help us to better understanding the paranormal.

Richard: Thanks Steve for taking your time to do this interview.


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