Even the friendliest ghost could turn out to be a nightmare…

One of the eeriest stories to come out of the investigations at the Canadian National Exhibition started off like most, as a mystery. We were working in the second floor archives when our audio surveillance kept recording strange and unusual sounds along with EVPs of a male.

The male would call someone named Dan or Danny always giving him instructions on what to do. This social interaction seemed at first one sided. The instructions were always clear and on the most part friendly but then there were times where the person giving the instructions seemed angry or even frustrated.

He would call for Danny and tell him, “Go see where they are”. Or to be quiet and to get back. Sometimes he would just yell “Danny”. Over and over again.

It was Paul who noticed the odd sounds, which seemed to interplay each time this person called for Danny. Like the ringing of bells, a horn, a whistle or the sounds of a baby rattle. Paul made it his mission to figure out the mystery of Danny.

One late evening we were working with a medium in the building when she mentioned that there was the spirit of a small dog in the building. This occurred a second time about a month later when we had brought in a different medium and she also reported the spirit of a small dog. Paul believed this dog had something to do with Danny but remain tight lipped for the time being, he needed more information before he brought his theory forward.

One late night we had our audio / video surveillance set up in the archives and just outside those offices in the hall as well.

The man called for Danny.

There came a sound as if someone was shaking a tambourine.

The man called for Danny again and again the sound of the tambourine. It was becoming clear that each time the man communicated with Danny the reply would be that of some type of instrument.

It was on this evening that the man told Danny to go see where we were; Danny replied in his own special way and then came the sound of a door handle turning. Then something remarkable happened, the sound of Danny walking down the hall. The camera in the hall could not see Danny but it was very clearly recording the sound of him walking. There were the distinct footfalls of someone walking, but not exactly as we have recorded on other occasions in the past, this was very different. As a person walks the heel hits first, then the sole, in this case the toe was striking the floor first with a loud slap on the concrete then the rest of the shoe would follow. It was upon the review of these sounds that Paul made his theory on Danny public; he believed that Danny must be a performing clown, one that wears those large shoes, plays various instruments and has a sidekick dog. Everything fit to support his theory.