Christmas Spirit

Richard, Peter, Paul, James and Victoria with Christmas Hats posing on staircase
Happy Holidays from The Searcher Group

The Christmas Spirit

As the holidays arrive we may experience an increase in ghostly activity.

 I remember when I was younger living with my parents, their house was haunted. It was Christmas Eve and my brother and his family had come from out west to visit for the holidays. It was late and I was in my room preparing for bed when I heard someone walking up the basement stairs to the kitchen. I had been the last one on the main floor and knew no one was downstairs. I moved to my bedroom door and listened intently to whatever it was now walking up and down the main hall from the kitchen to the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor. The walking stopped in the kitchen and then came a sound of a spoon in a coffee mug as if someone were stirring a drink. A smile crossed my face as I heard my niece in the next room who was four at the time say “Mom, I hear Santa down stairs.”  The sounds stopped and all was peaceful for the rest on the night.

 In 1998 just before Christmas, I was working with a family in their home who were experiencing ghostly phenomena. The family and I were sitting in the kitchen having tea. In the adjacent living room (this is an open concept living space) there was a mixed tape of Christmas music playing on the stereo, mid way through a song (Ave Maria) a spirit of a small child (female) started to sing along from across the living room. Not only was it a moving experience, we were all witness to this spirit manifesting in sound brought on by her own personal emotional memories of this song and what it represented to her during this season.

 What is going on?

We are the sum of our memories and emotions; memory is the building blocks of our mind and forms our personality. Memory is a collection of things learned about who we are and about the world which we live in, what we like or dislike, what our passions are, to the very fundamental of where we live and work and how to get there each day. Memories have a very close attachment to our emotions. Emotion varies in degrees and is greatly influenced by memory. For example you run into that old friend from school you once had a crush on, the instant memories will bring a flood of emotions back from the past when you were once close. Or you see someone approaching who has caused you trouble your emotion will determine if you stand your ground and give them a piece of your mind or find an escape route. When we die our personality remains, carrying all of its memories and emotions with it. Although the spirit exists beyond our perception, it is those memories and emotions that cause locations to be haunted, and the causes of a haunting are as plentiful as those individual’s memories and emotions. It could be that the spirit simply has a story to tell or possibly they were a victim. Have you ever reacted to a situation or witnessed someone react to an event that was purely an emotional outburst without any or very limited thought behind it. Most emotional outbursts are involuntary, namely witnessing an event and reacting to it.  It can be as simple as hearing a song in the present that triggers a deep emotional memory from the past. One has to remember that the emotion of the festivities may be too much for the spirit to handle. They sometimes get caught up in the joy of the season and in many instances will let you know they are there, most of these manifestations will be involuntary and without any intention of scaring you, they may simply get carried away.