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  • Christmas Spirit

    Richard, Peter, Paul, James and Victoria with Christmas Hats posing on staircase
    Happy Holidays from The Searcher Group

    The Christmas Spirit

    As the holidays arrive we may experience an increase in ghostly activity.

     I remember when I was younger living with my parents, their house was haunted. It was Christmas Eve and my brother and his family had come from out west to visit for the holidays. It was late and I was in my room preparing for bed when I heard someone walking up the basement stairs to the kitchen. I had been the last one on the main floor and knew no one was downstairs. I moved to my bedroom door and listened intently to whatever it was now walking up and down the main hall from the kitchen to the foot of the stairs leading to the second floor. The walking stopped in the kitchen and then came a sound of a spoon in a coffee mug as if someone were stirring a drink. A smile crossed my face as I heard my niece in the next room who was four at the time say “Mom, I hear Santa down stairs.”  The sounds stopped and all was peaceful for the rest on the night.

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 9 – Deja Vu

    Paranormal Physics

    Deja Vu

    “I feel like I have been here before.”

    Graphic of Person in front of a house with a thought bubble containing a graphic of them standing in front of the same houseYes, de ja vu.  The feeling that you are experiencing something you have experienced previously.

    I happen to think it is a 2-way street.  You may also experience something that you will again experience in the future.  This can occur when your intersection actually breaks into our very same universe at a different time, but also passes through another.

    Since the time-space factor of different universes is NOT in sync with our own, you could be feeling something from the past, or the future.  This again comes from the intersection of universes.  The intersection is typically occurring within your own personal space.  I say “personal space” because it can be happening immediately around you and therefore encompassing your body as well.  This accounts for the strange feeling the often accompanies your de je vu experience.

    And these experiences can be quite strange indeed.  Perhaps you experience something that under any normal conditions would seem impossible or irrational.  I think this would be you experiencing a different universe that follows different rules.  Time perception is different.  Speed of light is different.  People (or whatever beings are present) are much larger, or much smaller, than we know.

  • Paranormal Physics – Part 8 – Reincarnation

    Paranormal Physics


    The paranormal extends to many things.  Ghosts, possession, de je vu, UFOs.  How about reincarnation?

    The other day I was watching Weird or What with William Shatner.  The episode explored the life of Jeffrey Keene, who believes he is the reincarnation of civil war general John B. Gordon.  In this link I provide (http://www.near-death.com/experiences/reincarnation07.html) you can see he does indeed bare the resemblance of the General.  He recounts experiences in his life that seem to be identical (or nearly so) to those of the General.

    Assuming that his accounts are true, how can my theories explain this apparent reincarnation?

    Reincarnation is related to the life-after-death portion of the paranormal.  So to explain reincarnation means exploring the life-after-death phenomenon.

    We have learned that everything is energy.  That is every molecule, every atom, right down to the basic particles.  We know that energy cannot be destroyed, merely converted. We have also explored the realistic possibility of the existence of multiple universes.

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  • Ghost Images in Reflective Surfaces

    Capturing Ghost Images in Reflective Surfaces

    Graphic showing a ghost image captured in a reflective mirror, an unseen subject and a camera with title random flash photo takenOver the years I have noted that when taking photographs in a location reported to be haunted it is best to fire the camera towards reflective surfaces, i.e. windows, mirrors.

    It seems that if an unseen subject (a spirit) is standing or moves between you and this reflective surface there is a greater chance of you capturing the ghosts image on your camera. I have studied this for a long time and I feel the energy of the unseen subject will inter play with the flash of the camera. The flash will put out a very wide spectrum of light and when it passes through this spirit energy will create the image of the subject on the surface of the mirror or window, this surface will act like the emulsions of older type film and produce an image. 


  • Paranormal Physics – Part 7 – Multi-Verse Theory

    Paranormal Physics

    Multi-Verse Theory

    The more events I think about, the more I see that can, in some way, be explained with the multi-verse theory.

    I would like to explore the short, brief, tiny intersection events that generally do not occur on a regular cycle.

    We’ve all heard, or said, “somebody just walked on my grave” when they get a chill feeling.  How about a feeling of a sense of a presence?  Or the appearance of an apparition at the end of a bed, in the hallway, or any other spot.  Then there is seeing something out of the corner of your eye.

    I think there are many ways to experience an intersection of universes.  They could be very small, very short occurrences.  Simply put, these events can just be the result of small, slight, brief intersections.  An intersection could be any size, last any duration, occur anywhere and be just a single occurrence (they don’t all have to be on a cycle).  A “one off” event if you will.

    These intersections could also occur inside our bodies, causing any number of phenomena.  They could cause cancer in otherwise healthy individuals.  Perhaps they could cause somebody to lose all grasp on reality.  The intersection could give us a chill, a headache, or some other strange feeling.

    But when they occur nearby, we could get a glimpse into another universe.  We could perhaps interact in some way with that other universe.  For instance, a “violent ghost” could be somebody in the other universe that is afraid of the “ghost” they are seeing, just as  you are seeing them.

  • Paranormal Physics – Part 6

    Paranormal Physics

    graphic of 2 planets and starsIn part 5, I mention about the possibility of an intersection between 2 universes (ours and some other).  And that some intersections may have rhythm.  That is, expand and contract on a steady cycle.

    I also alluded to some unexplained jumps in our evolution and technologies.

    I read some books of the Earth Chronicles series, and in Book 8 – Devine Encounters the author mentions how he thinks there is another planet on a 3600 year orbit around the Sun.  And when this planet is close enough, the advance folks living on it come visit us, inter-breed with us, do things like build pyramids and stuff.  And these are the gods of history.

    I can believe that there have been visitations as he believes.  And that has a whole lot of implications for religion and how we see the past and ourselves.

    However, I can’t currently accept the extra planet theory.  The orbit is too big and takes too long.  It would pretty much have to be a cold rock, or maybe an ice planet.  Not enough light and heat from the sun to keep life going (as we know it).  And these visitors were, after all, human (but a bit bigger, and that’s another story).

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 5

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 5

    So, a lady is standing on a street corner, gazing over into a field, and starts to see what appears to be a civil war through a sort of mist.

    A couple is awoken in the night to find the appearance of a figure standing at the end of their bed.

    A toaster is mysteriously “thrown” across the kitchen with no apparent reason.

    Historical record seems to show mankind has achieved technological advancements, separated by lulls in advancement, on an approximately 3600 year cycles.  There is an unexplained jump in the evolution of Homo sapiens in that we have evolved faster than is possible (a.k.a. “the missing link”)

    The energies of all the universes (the multi-verse) are in motion, vibrating, undulating, there are bound to be incursions into the realm of other universes.  This creates an intersections between universes.

    Let us flatten out a couple of universes so we can visualize them a little better.  The following diagram illustrates two such universes.

    diagram illustrating intersection between universes
    Diagram created by:  Yaleh Paxton-Harding, Graphic Artist

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 4

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 4

    Okay, so we said that there are innumerable universes all co-existing out of phase with each other.  And they are “invisible”.

    Has anyone heard about Dark Matter?

    Dark matter has been agreed upon as existing.  Apparently there is not enough mass in the observable universe to account for all the gravity necessary to hold everything together.  I have to agree.  I have trouble thinking that our sun, as huge as it is, keeping Neptune in tow for 6-7 billion years!

    But if dark matter exists, then that helps.  So what is this dark matter?

    Dark matter itself is invisible.  But it is everywhere.  In and around us, the planets, the solar system, galaxy and universe.

    “WAIT! I hear that before!”

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 3

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 3

    We all watch time pass by.  Constantly flowing forward.  But modern day theoretical physicists are telling us that time does NOT flow.  But that somehow we are moving through time, and it is time that is standing still.


    Because it is also currently accepted that time and space are directly related.  The faster you move through space the slower you move through time.  I can accept that.  Since we have already learned that EVERYTHING is energy, time must be energy (or at least very closely related).  So conservation of energy would say the more you put into moving through space, the less energy would be available for moving through time.

    That may be one of those concepts that are hard to visualize.  But this concept actually helps us when it comes to paranormal experiences.  Let us accept this as fact for now.

    “Okay John.  Enough already.  Where are you going with this?”

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 2

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 2

    I struggled for a little while to figure out what would be the best place to start.  One of my criteria was that I cannot assume that every reader is already familiar with any given discussion.  But we really don’t need to start with the very beginning of basic physics.

    So, I decided we should start our journey with some basic information and concepts to enable the reader to visualize the reality around us.  We creatures perceive our three dimensional surroundings relatively well, but stumble when it comes to higher dimensional reality.  Thus we will attempt to give ourselves a mental picture that can help us grab the concept, even if that picture is not an actual replica of what is going on.

    So without further delay, let’s dig in.

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  • Paranormal Physics – Part 1

    Paranormal Physics

    Part 1

    Welcome.  My name is John.  I joined the Search Group a few years back, in a technical support capacity.  My interest in the paranormal is that of a cautious skeptic.  And while I know there can be some everyday explanations for some occurrences, I have come to believe that there are also truly unusual events that defy normal explanation and yet can be supported by physics theories.

    My Searcher Group blog contributions aim to give credence to paranormal events and experiences through current day physics theories.

    There is slight risk that some folks would rather keep the mystery surrounding paranormal activity.  Almost like proving the physical existence of God may mess with one’s faith by seemingly reducing these things to a human, understandable explanation.  Some people may not like to hear it.  But it should be considered as evidence that what they believe in is real.

    Okay, so I am not a theoretical physicist.  I’m not even sure I can be considered an “enthusiast”.  But I do search out and read what I can in the quest for answers that work for me, and hopefully for you.

    I will do my best to provide graphics, links to videos and anything else that will help envision what I describe and, as we get further along, link it to some typical paranormal events in which these physics theories can offer at least one explanation.

    Most folks are familiar with the 3 dimensional world.  And I’m pretty certain they are also familiar with the 4th dimension.  The dimension known as time.

    But there is much more to the universe than a mere 4 dimensions.  Hopefully we can explore these things together, and I promise to keep it in as plain language as I can (I don’t think I can manage the technical jargon myself anyway!).

  • So, A Ghost Group Contacted Me Today..

    You’re a manager, a security personnel-head or a property-owner going about your usual business, when one fateful day you receive an e-mail or a phone call from someone representing a paranormal research group.

    The person on the other end of the line tells you they have learned that you own (or are responsible for) a piece of property that is rumoured to boast some sort of mysterious, perhaps even ghostly activity. They ask if you would be willing to grant their team free access to investigate the property-in-question in an attempt to verify the tales that are associated with that area.



    Your first instinct is to brush this person off. You’ve seen or heard about “those ghost shows” on TV and in the media and they’re hard to believe. You have better things to worry about than letting some thrill seekers into your building to prove to themselves and to the Internet how brave they are by tramping around your place in the dark. Half of them startle at the sound of a floorboard creaking and turn-tail anyway, right? What do you stand to gain if you let these people in?

    Your demeanour suddenly stiffens. Your voice drops an octave and adopts a stern, take-no-guff tone. Your forefinger hovers over the ‘Delete’ key.

    But wait.


    Before you delete that e-mail; before you tell this person “No,” outright, please take a moment to consider this: What can you stand to gain if you let these people in?

    It depends entirely on the kind of people we’re talking about, here.

    The team that has just reached out to you may very well be a respectful, responsible and reputable one. Incredibly, some groups won’t think twice but to trespass and break-and-enter to see their nocturnal thrills realized. (And if the location is furnished or is awaiting renovations, how will these same people treat those components?) The group getting in touch with you is making a good start by asking permission, alone! Continue reading  Post ID 1033

  • Evidence

    Investigating the CNE Archives
    Investigating the Archives

    “Information is, for the most part, a piece of a much larger puzzle. Each piece waits for another to reinforce what the first piece has suggested. When this occurs, they call it proof.”

    Richard Palmisano


    It has always amazed me what we determine to be evidence, depending on the topic. If we are talking about criminal activity, then electronic evidence such as security monitoring devices, which indicate an action occurring in a specific place, as well as surveillance systems, that show us what occurred in that location can provide a strong case. Couple this information with witness testimony and the evidence may end in a criminal conviction, even with the absence of DNA samples. However, we may have all of these same elements in a similar instance and yet because the topic is the paranormal, the evidence is automatically dismissed.


    Some of the places that The Searcher Group have investigated include:  The Canadian National Exhibition, Alma College, Bell Gardiner Estate, Scadding Cabin & Guild Inn. 

  • Do Residual Hauntings Exist?

    Stone with headphone and microphone
    Do residual hauntings exist? This is a question I find myself being asked quite often, especially at the CNE where it is surrounded by such a rich and sometimes strange history.

    The technical answer to this question is a complicated one, the short answer is no.

     A residual haunting is paranormal activity that occurs and re-occurs be it of sight or sound in the same manner each time without the ability to change, deviate or interact. From the observer’s point of view it seems like a recording being played out of some past event. Most investigators make the distinction that a residual haunting is unlike an intelligent haunting due to the fact it can not deviate from its routine and can not interact with the witness.

    In this I agree, however I do profess that if the correct research is conducted on the location of the haunting then it is very possible to interrupt the occurrence and possibly changing the witnessed event.

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  • The Social Spirits

    After investigating ghosts for most of my life I have always been fascinated with the social characteristics of spirits and how they act and interact with one another.

    I first became aware of this interaction in 1996 when I investigated a home which was involved with a multiple haunting and was the basis for my first book “Overshadows” where a teen aged girl committed suicide and then returned home to discover her family had left and a new family had moved in, what she also found was other spirits there. A conflict arose when a malevolent spirit named Edward had control over the home and other spirits, the young girl seemed to want none of this and a battle began between them leaving the family trapped in a nightmare. The action that took place between these two entities demonstrated to me that there was little difference to what people could do to one another no matter what side of life one stood. The activity was extremely negative as Edward chased the girl throughout the house and property. At first I was lead to believe it was purely a control thing, but as the investigation proceeded I discovered it was much more than that, control yes, but also knowledge, and knowledge is of course power. Edward having died in the 1940s demonstrated a difficulty in understanding our technology and in the beginning gave us extraordinary evidence of his existence on video and audio surveillance. This all changed one Saturday night when Edward caught the girl and seemingly convinced her to join with him, after which her actions towards the family turned from benevolent to malevolent. The girl was a modern teenager and was able to educate Edward on how to defeat our surveillance equipment.

    I had to wonder if this situation was unique. I investigated many haunted locations, and not until 2003 did I get a second astonishing look at this interaction.           

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