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  • Investigation Tips

    Tips on preparing for an investigation:

    • Always get permission from the property owners/management before entering any property.
    • Do a preliminary walk-through before conducting the actual investigation, take preliminary base readings, make a map of the building, check for any safety hazards, check your electrical sources.
    • Make a plan for surveillance equipment setup based on your preliminary walk through information
    • Always make sure to work in team – never work alone
    • Test all equipment ahead of time and bring extra batteries/generator

    Richard and John

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  • Episode 1 – Fusion House

     The Searcher Group has done several investigations for Heritage Buildings in Ontario.  We have worked in collaboration with city of Mississauga on some properties with a lot of history. 

    This investigation is featured in “Ghosts” novel by Richard Palmisano, it was a 3 year investigation of the property which brought us a lot of opportunities to use our investigative and research skills. The spirits in the property were very social which led to interesting interactions between the investigators and the spirits.

    The following episodes were created by Darrin LaPointe and Richard Palmisano and were posted on Youtube.

    Episode 1

  • Do Residual Hauntings Exist?

    Stone with headphone and microphone
    Do residual hauntings exist? This is a question I find myself being asked quite often, especially at the CNE where it is surrounded by such a rich and sometimes strange history.

    The technical answer to this question is a complicated one, the short answer is no.

     A residual haunting is paranormal activity that occurs and re-occurs be it of sight or sound in the same manner each time without the ability to change, deviate or interact. From the observer’s point of view it seems like a recording being played out of some past event. Most investigators make the distinction that a residual haunting is unlike an intelligent haunting due to the fact it can not deviate from its routine and can not interact with the witness.

    In this I agree, however I do profess that if the correct research is conducted on the location of the haunting then it is very possible to interrupt the occurrence and possibly changing the witnessed event.

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  • The Haunted School House

    The Haunted School House, 1875 – Pickering

    I met with Paul and John; we loaded the equipment into the car and began our journey to the site.  The location was an old schoolhouse built in 1875, which was now being used as a community centre near Pickering, Ontario.  The centre has had numerous reports of strange occurrences dating back to at least the 1960’s.  The Hauntings Research Group, who had invited us to join their continuing investigation, had previously investigated the site.  We were all to meet there by 16:00 hours.

    The Hauntings Research Group is a group of dedicated professional (paranormal) investigators, who I found on my quest to discover associates with whom to share ideas and theories.  I was very impressed with them, as they take nothing for granted.  They make no claims and as the majority of their group are true believers, they face each new piece of information they have collected with a balanced skepticism.  Based in Peterborough County, I truly believe there isn’t anywhere they would not go to find the proof they, like so many of us, seek.  The Group was founded by Dee Freedman and Anita Perron, both of whom conduct investigations and are psychic sensitive.  Krystal Leigh, a field investigator, is psychic sensitive as well. 

    We pulled into the parking area, the rest of the team was already unloading equipment near the front of the building. As I was exiting the car I noticed that John was showing interest in a storage shed.  I grabbed my 35mm camera and headed over to where he was standing.  As I was walking up to him, I checked the camera’s built in light meter and set the shutter speed and aperture.  As soon as I arrived to where John was standing, the camera’s batteries died.  These had all just recently been replaced with new batteries.  The interesting thing was that not only the meter and control battery, but also the flash and power winder batteries, were dead as well, a total of eight batteries in all.  At about the same time Krystal entered the building and was loading the film into her 35mm camera, when her batteries died as well.

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  • The Social Spirits

    After investigating ghosts for most of my life I have always been fascinated with the social characteristics of spirits and how they act and interact with one another.

    I first became aware of this interaction in 1996 when I investigated a home which was involved with a multiple haunting and was the basis for my first book “Overshadows” where a teen aged girl committed suicide and then returned home to discover her family had left and a new family had moved in, what she also found was other spirits there. A conflict arose when a malevolent spirit named Edward had control over the home and other spirits, the young girl seemed to want none of this and a battle began between them leaving the family trapped in a nightmare. The action that took place between these two entities demonstrated to me that there was little difference to what people could do to one another no matter what side of life one stood. The activity was extremely negative as Edward chased the girl throughout the house and property. At first I was lead to believe it was purely a control thing, but as the investigation proceeded I discovered it was much more than that, control yes, but also knowledge, and knowledge is of course power. Edward having died in the 1940s demonstrated a difficulty in understanding our technology and in the beginning gave us extraordinary evidence of his existence on video and audio surveillance. This all changed one Saturday night when Edward caught the girl and seemingly convinced her to join with him, after which her actions towards the family turned from benevolent to malevolent. The girl was a modern teenager and was able to educate Edward on how to defeat our surveillance equipment.

    I had to wonder if this situation was unique. I investigated many haunted locations, and not until 2003 did I get a second astonishing look at this interaction.           

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  • What’s Up With UFO’s?


    As a paranormal investigator I am occasionally asked if I believe in UFOs, although my specific field of research is in life after death survival, I am however still an investigator of strange phenomena. I do believe there is something going on; be it aliens, beings from another dimension or humans coming back from our future to correct another scientific mess, I am unsure. What I do know is history rarely lies so as an investigator that is where I look for truth. After I was asked this question I took one event out of history to examine, that incident was the reported crash of an alien space craft in Roswell New Mexico in 1947. I skimmed over the testimony of many people who all say they saw things, heard things and examined artifacts that couldn’t be explained. I was extremely curious about Major Jesse Marcel who was the 509 bomb groups intelligence officer for the only air base in the world which held nuclear weapons and was the stand in to fly The Enola Gay, the B-29 Super fortress bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb, code-named “Little Boy” on Hiroshima, Japan on 6 August 1945, you would think a man with his credentials would know about top secret equipment and should be able to tell a weather balloon from a spaceship. However I allowed the skeptics a reprieve for a moment and agreed that yes over time people forget, they remember things incorrectly. That doesn’t explain the Major’s testimony in the news paper the day after the event. However in all fairness I agreed the argument could go either way. That is why I look to history, somewhere in history there is information that will either back up this testimony or it will not.

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  • Grim Reaper

    Stone Angel FigureExtremely patient, always watchful and faster than a heart beat the Grim Reaper has his eye on each one of us, he knows we will all have a turn at shaking his hand as he leads us to the river one day, after all there is no cheating death.

    The Reaper is as old if not older than human kind, he has been assigned by the guy riding the pale horse to collect and guide us as we shed our physical selves.

    He is not alone but one of an army of Reapers working just beyond our perception, shadowed in mystery and symbolism.

    It was not until the 15th century that we started to paint a terrifying picture of what the Reaper has become known as, a skeletal figure in a long black cloak carrying a scythe and sometimes an hour glass, all symbolic of death and our own mortality. The skeletal image comes from a time when the plague ate its way through Europe and people associated death with rotting bodies, the cloak represents an air of mystery as death could come unnoticed at any time, the scythe to assist in reaping the souls for death’s harvest, and the hour glass shows us that our time here is finite and will with all certainty run out.

     But are they out there?

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  • How Do You Know You Have A Ghost

    How do you know you have a ghost?

    If you suspect your home to be haunted, it is either because someone has told you that it was when you moved in or you have started to notice strange occurrences such as sounds, voices, things moving, unexplainable odors and waking up at odd times without reason. If you are experiencing strange phenomena the first thing you need to do is to start a occurrence diary and write down every thing that you notice in as much detail as you can including dates and times when they happen. It is also important to note where they occur, i.e. kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Start an investigation, talk to people in you neighborhood and see if they have heard anything about your home. Find out who lived there previously and search their names to see if and when they died and if anything out of the ordinary has happened in the home. Speak to your landlord if renting or your realtor about the history of the place. Get a second opinion, have a friend stay over and see if they notice anything strange. Use a tape recorder with a new tape. Load the tape, turn the volume to maximum and push record, once it starts to record it is important that everyone is out of the house, which includes you for the duration of the recording session. This ensures that no one is influencing the tape recorder and allows whatever might be there the opportunity to move around freely. If you have pets this becomes difficult as when you later review the tape you will not know if the sounds are paranormal or pet normal. If you can take them with you for the 30 minutes or the hour depending on the duration of the tape then all the better. Make sure prior to starting tape that all radios, televisions are off, all windows are closed and try to locate the tape recorder in a central location like on your stairs to either the basement or to the second floor or in a hallway. When you review the tape you will have to listen very carefully as you will have a great deal of static on the tape, this is called white noise produced by the value being turned to the max when recording, white noise allows spirits to communicate easier. Listen for whispers or voices and odd sounds.

    Ask for a formal investigation by a local paranormal investigation group. Check their background to ensure they are reputable and trustworthy. You if have concerns over media attention or any publicity request a non disclosure agreement first. And remember reputable groups will not charge money to do an investigation.    

  • Photos – Memorable Moments

    Some of the Teams most Memorable Moments


    Alma College
    Alma College


    The opportunity to walk through Alma College in St. Thomas Ontario. Reputed to have a spirit haunting the staircase. Also the location that appeared in several shots in the movie Silent Hill
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  • Photos – Military Cemetery/Scadding Cabin/CNE

    Richard and Michelle at the tombstones
    Richard and Michelle checking the tombstones


    Another fascinating place is the old Military Cemetery across from the CNE grounds. We speculate that this site is so haunted because of a great injustice. A major battlefield in 1813 where many died defending the town of York and yet never recognized as a resting place for many fallen soldiers. In 1864 an official grave yard was established where a marker was installed, there is no mention of those who died previously on these grounds.




    Mist passing tombstones at cemetery
    Tombstones at Cemetery
    fog in trees at the cemetery
    Trees at the cemetery


    A strange fog on a clear night briefly passes the row of tombstones. The fog was not seen at the time of the photo.


    Another image not noticed at the time the photo was taken is this glowing mist in the trees which some have speculated as a person walking with a horse.



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  • Photos – CNE

    CNE Princes gates
    CNE Princes Gates


    We were invited by the Manager of Archives and Records to investigate the many ghosts of the CNE grounds. Our investigations turned into a thirteen month adventure taking us through the many buildings situated on the old Garrison commons grounds. A place where one of the bloodiest battles of the 1812 war was fought (1813 the taking of York).



    the team trying to make contact at CNE
    The team trying to make contact


    This is where Paul through the use of EVP discovered a haunting by an old midway clown who was roaming the General Services building. Its a terrifying thought at what something like that would look like.




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  • Photos – Fusion


    The Fusion House
    Fusion Coach House
    The Coach House











    Working on the grounds of the Bell Gairdner property known as Fusion was very exhilarating. The City of Mississauga provided The Searcher Group access to the property and building for three years to study the widely witnessed paranormal phenomena brought forth by Corporate Security and Facilities workers. Continue reading  Post ID 522