Meet Our Team

The Searcher Group Members

Richard Palmisano
Director of The Searcher Group,Paranormal Investigator & Theorist, Author

Photo of RichardRichard has been investigating the paranormal since 1979, and formed two companies which are dedicated to the study and advancement of paranormal research. The Searcher Group being the first and is the backbone of his research. The second company The Canadian Institute of Parapsychology is community based and provides education and public assistance. He has written several books on the subject and his work has been featured in television shows such as Northern Mysteries and Discovery Channel’s A Haunting.Richard has worked in law enforcement, security and surveillance for over 30 years and is a trained investigator. 




Peter Roe
Paranormal Investigator, Assistant Director

Peter_web_bioPeter is – comparatively speaking – fairly new to ranks of The Searcher Group, being accepted after completing several memorable investigations in 2010, chronicled in Ghosts of the Canadian National Exhibition (Dundurn Press, 2011). Peter’s enthusiastic contributions to the team and growing omnibus of data affirming the existence of life-after-death make him wish that this was a full-time paying job. When asked what he will do next when he finally has a paranormal experience to call his own, his response has always been, “I’ll seek another!” No-one, however, asks this of him anymore, as working with The Searcher Group continues to fulfill his desire to communicate with those who have gone before us.


Paul Palmisano
Paranormal Investigator, Surveillance Analyst

Photo of PaulWith a back ground in construction and art Paul has been hunting ghosts for most of his life. He has been an important part of the Searcher Group for more than 30 years and provides not only investigative insights but also takes the lead in analysing all of our audio and video surveillance.



James McCulloch
Paranormal Investigator

Photo of JamesJames is an Analyst by nature and has worked as one for quite a few years. An Analyst knows that you need to have proof or documentation to support what you believe, say or know to be true. The house James grew up in had a number of spirits from the kind old man who read stories to my youngest sister to a little blond-haired girl in a blue dress that had dark swirling pools for eyes. In his early 20’s James had a vision that he knows for a fact saved his life. A family member had passed on and later visited him to let me know they needed help to reach the light so he prayed for them. Three days later they sent him a very strong message of thanks to let him know they had made it. 

There are many more examples that he can give you of experiences he has had. The only thing that he can offer as proof for these things is his word. Joining Searcher Group gives him the opportunity to help document proof, learn more about himself and his abilities, but more importantly to help others. 

John Mullan
Technical Consultant

Photo of JohnJohn is versed in electronics and various technologies and is a Theoretical Physics Enthusiast. He is Post Secondary educated in electronics, computers and business. John has been a member of The Searcher Group since 2003, providing technical assistance, and exploring physics theories that give credence to paranormal phenomenon.





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