Aliens vs Spirits

Aliens vs Spirits

Our last line of defence?
Cemetery entrance gate
When looking at the phenomena of alien abduction I have to ask what is the complexity that requires extraterrestrials the need to study and abduct humans for countless eons?

To study human physiology surely shouldn’t take an advanced civilization thousands of years to discover what a human medical student can do in six years. If it were to change the human population into human/alien hybrids and understanding what we already know of genetics surely they know more than us and should take no longer than 100 years or so to meet that objective if that were the goal.

So what is it then?

I believe there is a greater mystery, something so complex that it not only perplexes them but also frightens them, the mystery of the human soul.

Over centuries of them exploring our world, materializing in and out of our homes they must have encountered the spirits of our dead. Could it be that ET has no soul and the entire concept causes them great tribulation? It could be possible that they are terrorized by the souls of the dead. Unwanted encounters that frighten them because they cannot be controlled or even collected and can move with ease around their advanced technology.

This may explain ET’s interest in cemeteries and not only the study of the living but also our dead possibly trying to discover what elements are missing in the cadaver from that of a living breathing human body. This is demonstrated by the many reports by eye witnesses of strange craft lurking about in our cemeteries at night.

If they are having trouble with the soul, then what of evil entities, could these be playing havoc with our alien visitors?

Maybe this is why they have not attacked us, the dead could be protecting us and to kill us would be to simply unleash an army of souls against which they would have no defense.