About The Searcher Group est. 1979

Richard at cemetery
Richard Palmisano


The Searcher Group is a team of dedicated people who are extremely active in the study of parapsychology and work towards re-enforcing its positive impact on the rich history of our nation, with a specific focus on Ontario. The people and events within our historical past have wonderful stories to share and important lessons to teach us.  Through our research and investigations we attempt to gain a glimpse into the human condition, the personal events from those lives past and the mark they have left behind.The Searcher Group provides information on research and investigative methods to individuals and investigative groups around the globe.


Peter Roe - Assistant Director
Peter Roe
– Assistant Director


We also provide community support and investigations free of charge to individuals and businesses within Ontario that are unable to cope with paranormal phenomena. The Searcher Group assists in finding resolutions for people who are having difficulties living in or working in haunted locations.  We say resolutions because although Paranormal teams are largely referred to as “Ghostbusters” we do not claim to rid you of your ghosts or spirits, what we attempt to do is investigate properties and find out if they are haunted, who is haunting them, why the hauntings are so severe and what kind of resolutions can be developed between the living and the spirits so that they may coexist.


Paul Palmisano
Paul Palmisano
– Surveillance Analyst & Investigator

All costs incurred are paid out of pocket directly by our team members. We do however rely on property owners and on local and provincial government agencies to grant permission to access areas of interest so that we may conduct important research, experiments and test theoretic models. The Searcher Group is different than a lot of other paranormal teams as we use several different methods to research, obtain and gain information on the paranormal.

 The Searcher Group’s work has been the basis for four books written by Richard Palmisano and several documentaries based on those novels which have been featured on The Discovery Channel, A&E and Global television as well as a series of videos on Youtube.  Please see our media section on this website for further details on our media forums.


We strive to learn about the history of our country and what better way to do so then to investigate, research and interact with the spirits of those who were here before us, and in a lot of cases are still here among us.  

Please feel free to share your stories with The Searcher Group team or comment on our posts. We are also available for lectures on the paranormal or to provide assistance. We are reachable through the contact page on this website.  


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